Work Hard Keep Going!


Never stop. You can slow down, skip, hop, walk even crawl but never stop.


You could only blame yourself if you get distracted. You have to be able to have balance in life and not blame others if you get distracted! 


I need someone to just listen. Inquire


Don’t blame the distractions, improve your focus!

Get Out Your Own Way!

Sometimes, we could get in our own way trying to move too fast for our own good. Get out of your own way!

Life Is What You Make It

Stop making life harder for yourself, it doesn’t have to be this hard for you!

Setback For A Major Comeback

If you’re going through hard times keep going, why would you stop there? 

Sometimes the truth hurts

Having someone in your life who is honest, that’s trying to help you is better than someone who lies to save your feelings.


Stronger than yesterday!

Choose your battles wisely!

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!