Choose your battles wisely!

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!

If You Don’t Humble Yourself Life Will

Remain Humble

Move On

Revenge is a waste of time. Just move on and be happy! 

Not Worth It

Surround yourself around people who care about you not the people you care about. 


Being a good person could be a blessing and/or a curse. I learned from my experiences that a balance is needed or you will get taken advantage of.

Your Story

Everybody has a story to tell, What’s yours? 

Turn your life experience into a TV Show!


No matter what you have grown through, someone else needs to know how you did it! Boss Ladies TV Network is the place to share how you turned tragic into magic and your pain into power and purpose!


Life is full of surprises.

Get it Together!

Get your life together before your life gets you together!


Use what you have! Do what you can!