Self-Care Series: Self Acceptance


A quick look at the concept of self forgiveness and how we can start implementing that in our life today.

Client Review


Choose you today! You are worth the investment!

Power That Pleases


“There in artistry in each of us”, chapter Power That Pleases in my 1st book CONVERSATIONS WITH THE KING:Meditations That Edify, Equip and Encourage.



Aging With Grace:Reflections That Revive Women

7 Aspects Of Personal Development


Personal Development is a process of self improvement.


We are entering into the 2nd month of the new year and I’m sure New Year Resolutions have already been broken! The first thirty-one days of a new year are always the most critical days. Pressure. We make all sorts of promises, decrees, set lofty goals and by day five we’re wondering, “why did I […]

The Power of Self-Reflection


Regular self-reflection is a cornerstone of self-love. Take time to assess your values, aspirations, and the direction you’re heading. This introspective practice enables you to make intentional choices aligned with your authentic self.

That’s how I see it!

Dumb = no purpose for the moment at hand other than to perpetuate toxic behaviors that destroy you and make you act like you don’t give a damn.  

The Greatest

“ I am the greatest to ever do it. “The greatest of all time.”

Pursuing Peace with Practical Boundaries


“Establishing healthy boundaries in your communication can seem confrontational but please keep in mind that if you do not set them for yourself, you leave it to other various people, as well as their selfish ambitions at the time, to set up boundaries for you.”