The Gift of Thriving While Single


“From time to time, God reminds me that He hasn’t forgotten about my desires, but He also won’t let me worship them more than His presence in my life – that’s the gift.”

Your Time is Coming


The desire for a relationship is normal.  We were created for companionship and to not live life’s journey alone.  However, there is a timing for everything.   The process cannot be rushed or skipped.  You must allow everything to unfold in its timing. Keep growing!  Keep loving yourself!  Know that your time is coming. ~Coach Lisi

Embracing Singleness: The Gift of Self-Discovery


In a world often focused on romantic relationships, the beauty and significance of singleness can be overlooked. Being single is not merely a placeholder between relationships; it’s a unique and valuable phase of life, a gift that offers opportunities for self-discovery, personal growth, and the cultivation of a fulfilling, independent life.

Single and Living


Don’t wait until your mate arrives to begin living your life.  There’s no time like now to do the things that you want to do!  Go through your bucket list and check out those places, movies, gifts, etc. that you’ve been putting off.  Is there a business you want to start?  A book you’ve been […]

Happy Singles


When you can handle being single, you will do better in relationships/ marriage. When you learn yourself in singleness you will find who you are in a better light and you will know what you stand for. You can learn yourself in a relationship/ marriage too but the experience will be completely different. Embrace your […]

Mentee Testimonial


Cynthia is a natural born giver and mentor. She meets no strangers and is always looking to help people. I have known Cynthia for over 15+ years. She has consistently been a good confidant and advisor when I needed help. She is kind, patient, a great listener, gives good advice, and I feel comfortable to […]

Singleness is a Journey!


One of the things that the single’s life has taught me is that singleness is a journey.  The end goal should not be finding your mate, but living your journey of self-love to be the best you.  As you work and grow towards becoming the best you, things do have the tendency to fall into […]

Your Single Life Season


Thoughts for the day:🌺Remember there’s powerin your Single-life moment .✨You get to have time to do the things for yourself you’ve been putting off.Take a course , work on your goals, your purpose, your mindset, your fitness and wellness, becoming your best self.Use this time to Prepare yourself, so you can attract the person for […]

I want to get married!

I’m single and I want to get married! Marriage is a healthy desire. It’s okay to want it and to prepare for it. I pray about my marriage, I listen to sermons on marriage. I pay very close to the relationships around and try to think about how I’d navigate certain situations if I were […]

For singles

Once upon a time I met a guy & my intuition began to scream “DANGER!, DANGER!, ABORT MISSION”. I’ll tell you why and then I’ll tell you the key to how to know the intentions of any dude in your life. Aight so  boom, this dude was hiding me…We talked regularly on the phone, FaceTimed, and […]