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Supporting our Teens


Providing an opportunity to support our teens in a non-judgemental manner , that they can feel empowered to strive for more.

Re-Train Your Thoughts to Maximize Your Full Potential

Teenagers go through many phases in life and often times experience loneliness. As a parent, you may attribute that loneliness to your teen just being lazy or having an attitude. The truth is, your teen is neither. Just like adults, your teen’s thoughts run rampant all day. Their mind is on overload, and unlike adults, […]

3 Ways to Challenge Your Teen in 2021


2020 was a year for the history books. Many of us were not prepared for the physical, emotional and mental changes that occurred this year.  Although 2020 had many plot twists, we all came out with lessons and blessings in one way, shape or form. This is also true for our youth and teens. This […]

You Are More Than Enough

If there is anything that we struggle with as girls, it is the endless need and desire to be enough for the world. We wear outfits and do our hair in hopes that we will be pretty enough. We carry ourselves and present ourselves in a way that makes us look smart enough for the […]

Do your students need coaching?


Who’s ready for distance learning? Eulogia, The Life Coach, is prepared to provide your students with a weekly hour of action-based motivation!

Be Extraordinary For Scholars: Teens Edition presented by Scott Scholar Success Initiative (Summer 2020)

Join Be Extraordinary for Scholars Tribe. The tribe is the collective groups of scholars working their own way through their Quests together to learn, grow and connect. To sign your child up to join the Be Extraordinary for Scholars Tribe, please email me at As a professional life coach for youth, I value my […]

🤑Should You Force A Teen To Work⁉️ Q & A


5 Ways to Support your Girls Confidence

“7 in 10 girls believe that they are not good enough or do not measure up in some way, including their looks, performance in school, and relationships with family and friends “