Certainty in 2020

We all have gotten caught in the research rabbit hole.

2020 has been a year of highs and lows, and there is no better time than now to establish and pursue your goals. There is no reason to delay; there is plenty of time to get started today.  Have you struggled to define your purpose? Sometimes the very thing that you find easy is what you are called to do.  For some, it may be the skill of organization; for another, it may be writing; for me, it was the skill of listening to others and guiding them to the answers that helped resolve their problems. You may wonder, how do you start, especially when there are so many people out here promoting their program and talking about how to do things in three easy steps.  What is the first step? I mean, what really works?


Step 1 – Choose a plan a stick to it.

We all have gotten caught up in the research rabbit hole. We find one thing, and it leads us to another thing, and then we click on the next thing. the never-ending trail because of the downfall of reaching goals. One way to combat this is to pick a program, task, or assignment and carry it through from the beginning to the end.  Once you have picked a task stick with it, follow through on all the elements. As you complete that first assignment, you will gain a sense of satisfaction. Even if the first program didn’t give you what you were looking for, you have still gained a new skill. What was the skill you may ask, you learned to follow through. 

Don’t quit now when things are upside down, now is the time to focus and redefine your life. Now is a perfect time!

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