Change is Good

There’s a mindset that has been "passed down" throughout generations, declaring that changes are always “bad”. We must get out of that mindset trap! I am convinced that refusing to make changes, stems from feelings of unworthiness. To start the process of making changes, we must first set the intention to do something new. Let's talk next steps.

There is a mindset I want to discuss with you briefly, that centers around one word. The mindset that is passed down around the state of “Change”. Let’s dig deeper. Many people pass on what they deem as knowledge and wisdom. Which is great. Sometimes. There is a mindset that has been passed down around the concept of change. In my opinion, change has gotten a “bad rap”! Many people have demonized making changes as being a bad thing and that mindset has kept a lot of people stuck in a stagnant position. Have you ever sat down and thought about how many people change and shift almost on a dime, and they are now living their best lives? Have you ever thought about how high achievers and high earners always seem to have their economy and lives pulled together? Before we go further let me give you an example. High earning athletes: Do you think they use the exact same technique in every game, against different competitors, for 20 years? No!! They study their opponents and change their techniques based on the situation. Most of us can relate to that thought process. So why is it that we never want to change anything? There’s a mindset that has been passed down declaring that changes are always “bad”. We must get out of that mindset trap. You may be now asking How? You may need the assistance of a professional. As a Certified Life Coach, we are experienced and prepared to help you make the necessary changes to your life. Don’t put it off any longer. I can help you facilitate many mindset issues that are keeping you stagnant. Check my schedule and book a session now! Let the positive changes begin!

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