Change is Inevitable

“The only constant in life is change.”

As humans, we tend to fear change because it moves us out of our comfort zone and into the unknown. The unknown is quite challenging as we are faced with finding new ways of approaching and navigating the new path before us. However, “the only constant in life is change.” And I’m sure many of you are very familiar with this popular quote. But due to our ego driven minds, we fail to embrace this wisdom, by longing to stay in the known and areas in life that we have grown accustomed to navigating steadily. There’s nothing wrong with staying comfortable and having the ability to remain stable, other than stunting our evolution of self. 


When change is resisted and we opt to remain the same, whether character or career wise, or the same mindset, we stop ourselves from growing as individuals and expanding our consciousness further. With us resisting change, we resist ourselves from exploring new opportunities and possibilities, that wouldn’t exist, if we didn’t step out into the unknown. This is the only way to grow. If we remain content and comfortable where we are currently, we refrain from exploring our individual selves’ possibilities and experiences that lie beyond the known. 


Often times, the universe throws us a curveball, to force us to go through that inevitable change, we keep ignoring and evading at all cost. And we are often subtlety nudged multiple times, until the universe says no more, and we are forced to face that unknown. For this is the only way to go beyond our present veil of illusion, and into becoming the explorers and adventurous souls, who have come here to truly experience this life and planet! 


So, next time you are faced with a change, ask yourself what possibilities and opportunities this change could hold, and decide to flow with it and face it head on, instead of ignoring and evading it. Wonderful new beginnings and ways of doing things differently are found beyond that resistance to change! So embrace change in your daily life and learn to accept that “the only constant in life, is change.” Once we grow comfortable with change, nothing can really stop us. 


Much love and blessings,




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