Check out Know Brainer Foods!

I want to share a wonderful Keto product with you all:)

My Know Brainer is a delicious and healthy Keto instant drink which will keep you feeling powerful, energetic, and satiated during your day. Know brainer provides a tasty variety of Keto Butter Coffee Creamers and  Instant Butter Drinks that you can sip on throughout the day. The drinks contain superfood ingredients such as MCT oil, grass-fed Ghee, and most importantly NO GMO preservatives. I can attest to how good these coffees, creamers and teas taste! My personal favorite is the Ketogenic French Vanilla creamer! It will really give you that sweet kick you need early in the morning.

Recently, a new line of yummy marshmallows has been added to the company and go delightfully with their Keto hot chocolate mix!

I highly recommend this drink to be added to your morning routine once you start a Keto diet because it will keep you full throughout the morning when you need the most energy. It is also perfect if you dont have the time to blend your own bulletproof coffee as you run out the door or rush to the office. You can simply add to water and stir, which will save you so much time!

It will also keep your brain focused, and your energy high due to its high fat content. This product contains no sugar and will reduce your hunger pangs all while providing wonderful nutritional vitamins for your muscles, joints, immune system, and brain health.

Use this link:  to browse their products.

Finally, when you see something you like feel free to use my coupon code: ABIRGABER at the checkout  to get 10% off your purchase.

Hope you enjoy this Keto gem:)


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