Childhood Trauma Trains Your Adult Actions

Childhood Trauma changes you to reactive thinking instead of proactive thinking.

Many people believe that they are over their childhood trauma now that they are adults, but I see on a daily basis that this just isn’t the case! Adulthood is not an achieved number that you graduate to, adulthood is actually a mindset, a development and a way of life. Childhood trauma keeps many people stagnate in life because they can only now function from a reactive state of mind instead of a proactive one. For example, many people that were physically or sexually abused may choose to either own their inner power, become a victor and come out stronger than before; but others may relinquish their power, become a victim stay paralyzed and never move pass the pain. Some use their trauma to propel them, find their purpose and serve others. Others use their trauma as an excuse to why they can’t achieve any of these things. Life coaching is essential for people who have experienced trauma to assist them in looking at things from a different point of view, a holistic view of mental, spiritual and physical health and how their trauma impacts their lives in each of these areas and in every decision they make. I specialize in assisting others in connecting these dots, to grow past their traumas and become the greatest versions of themselves. My style of coaching is straight to the point, direct and honest with step by step options that weigh the pros and cons of each decision that is made. 

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