Choose Wisely

The real question should be ... What do you care what he wants from you? Stop giving a man that option. Honestly speaking most men don't know what they actually NEED. Want vs Need.... Think about that ladies. Be the woman a PERSON be better. A lot of men want us but WHY. Don't allow yourself to be a quick fix for a fool. When you can be the ANSWER for a King.

We are the TABLE …. It’s that simple. Take your time to observe what he wants from you.

Most men naturally test you. If you’ll come down from the display and let him get you for clearance price….Gurl, he’ll mark you down. You have to know who and Whom you come from… You’re royalty. You’re more than a queen…. Daughter of the Most High God 

You stay your behind on display until the person who knows your value comes. The person will see you and know…. He’ll be happy to do what’s necessary to have you.

Just wait. Trust me. Don’t waste another second worrying about when and where. 

Do you. Learn. Grow. Heal .

He’s looking for you.

You are the promise.


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