Choose You

Often times in relationship we take other people feelings into consideration before we take our own. When deciding to break up with our mate, we agonize over rather it is the best decision. We go back and forth, consult friends, and read articles looking for someone to tell us what to do.

We want someone else to tell us what to do because it is hard to take responsibility and finally make the call to end a relationship with someone you love. Ultimately you don’t want to hurt your boyfriend or girlfriend. You want to believe that things will get better. Have you heard “   It will change “, “ Just give it more time”  How much is enough time ?

Trust yourself and your feelings that you are not happy. There is a reason that you feel that way. Based on the circumstances and the treatment that you have been receiving from your partner has led you to feel dissatisfied.

This is when it is okay to choose yourself. Your mate is not going to choose you, they have exhibited that they chose themselves by treating you disrespectfully. By staying in an unfulfilling relationship, you are choosing someone else’s happiness over you own. You are making the statement that their needs are more important than your needs and their peace of mind supersedes your peace. Staying in a relationship that has reached its expiration date is making a proclamation that you are not worth much.

Well I am here to tell you that you are worth more than a thousand precious stones. Your time, love, attention, money, and body are worth so much more than you are giving it credit. Decide to put yourself first and walk away from what is not benefiting you but only breaking you down.

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