Choosing Your Profile Picture :)

Your profile picture is the first thing a client will see.

Your profile picture is the first thing a potential client will see.

Try to think of it like picking out an item from the store. Are you going to get the food that’s bruised and rotten? Are you going to buy the car with a flat tire? What about the shirt with a hole in it?

The same goes for a profile picture. It’s a small investment that can bring a huge return. You can use apps like Thumbtack to find a photographer for a fair price in your city. Another option is to take a picture with one of the latest smartphones in a scenic area, or in front of a plain wall, but in portrait mode.  The portrait mode on the iPhone looks as good as professional photography cameras.

Please try to avoid pictures that are too cropped, or pictures in normal living environments like your kitchen, bedroom, car, and so on.

We want your experience on MyMentor to be fruitful so please make the necessary investments and take the proper steps to make your profile as nice as it can be to ensure you have a chance to be hired by prospective clients.

Happy Coaching!