Clarity Over Convenience

We’ve all heard the saying, “Wake up and smell the coffee!” This post is a reminder of that. Sometimes, we pray for the truth and have this expectation of the truth always feeling like rainbows and butterflies. We ask for clarity but hope that what is meant for us to see is only what we want to see. That is simply not the case for every truth that is revealed to us. 

We could ask for clarity to be able to see if someone belongs in our life to realize we only need to reflect on how we are being treated by them and if that aligns with how we’d treat others. We could ask for the truth to be revealed about someone to then realize our actions don’t align with what you and they claim to believe in—those are what I call red flags. We could pray for clarity yet choose to settle for mere convenience. There’s a good old saying that goes, “It’s better to be alone than to be in bad company.” What good is it to be surrounded by hundreds if not one of them is looking out for your well-being? What good is it to be with someone if it’s not the right person for you? When you are seeking for the truth, you will most likely have to inquire within to understand the truth that’s always been there. Sure, if someone is taking advantage of you then, of course, it’s not a good look on them. However, you are responsible for what you can control; the treatment you allow and the actions you condone. If the truth is that you fear being alone, then it only makes sense that your fear contributes to certain faults in shaky friendships and relationships. If the truth is that our actions, though seeming positive, stem from a place of weakness then it makes sense why we can’t build with anyone when our own foundation is cracked. 

The truth won’t always make you feel better, it’ll make you see clearer. They say there are certain people you meet for a season; don’t stretch a bad season into a lifetime for the sake of having company. Though the truth won’t always feel good in the moment, it is for your ultimate good in the long run. If you want to smell the coffee, you gotta wake up. 

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