Client Testimonial

"I have my confidence back and my self-esteem is through the roof!"

Client Testimonials





Let me tell y’all about my Life Coach, Mrs. Kathi Morrison! We all know that a heartbreak can be a pain like no other.  I had a bad habit of letting a someone, that I thought loved me, break my heart over and over again.  It got so bad that, at times I couldn’t eat, sleep or carry on with daily duties.  I could not understand why I was okay with hurting myself.  I received understanding and everything I needed in order to move on with my life.  She made me aware of things about myself that I had not realized. Talk about mind-blowing!  If you need help to get free from addictive relationships, destructive dating habits, emotional bondage or matters of the heart, please contact her. You will not regret it!  I have my confidence back and my self-esteem is through the roof!  She gave me the tools I needed to let go and to avoid repeating the same choices.  Kathi Morrison is wonderful and great at what she does. I can honestly say that she is heaven sent!

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