Co-Parenting is NOT about financial gain!

I recently engaged in a conversation with a custodial bio-mother over her wanting to go back to court for a child support increase. This was due to the fact that one day was switched around in the parenting plan and she would take on that extra day having the child. My advice was to come to a compromise by having the father do more of the traveling for pick ups and drop offs, or take on providing extra money to lunch accounts, daycare, etc. Something he could do without physically handing the mom more money. You also don’t want to go to court to add in what may equate to $20-$50 more a month. After she responded to my suggestion, it seemed more to me about nickeling and diming over hurt feelings more than putting the child first. Parents, why cause friction when you could compromise for a better solution?
Let me be very clear and say that I will never speak up for anything outside of what’s right and fair when it pertains to children’s needs. I will never agree with a statement just to stroke someone’s ego or be “all for women empowerment.” As much as I love women and everything that we are, I will never build a woman up falsely at the expense of a man! Right is right and wrong is wrong. As adults/parent, we make choices and must face the consequences, but our children had no choice in all of this. We MUST keep the children’s needs first and learn to compromise without using our children for monetary gain. Our children are not for sale! Time with a parent should never be based on money, EVER! To spend money and energy going back to court over a 24-hour difference is counterproductive. The child will be asleep for 8 of those hours, so you think it’s worth damaging a co-parenting relationship over 18 hours and two extra meals? As parents we have to do better, please! Co-parenting is about compromise, not just finances. I would feel this way whether the custodial parent was the mother or the father. In the end it is about the children who didn’t ask to be part of our chaos. Let’s get through this together so we can move on and be HAPPY along with our children. Visit to book a session and start co-parenting healthy and effectively! It’s ALL Love 💕
-Miss Kris 💋
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