Just because you have endured a lot of pain doesn’t mean you have to give it off to others. Learn how to take the things that tried to break you down and turn them into something positive. Sometimes this can be getting past what your co-parent did to you in order to maintain a healthy relationship for your child. Other times it’s not taking your anger out on the next woman who he decides to have a relationship with, after all, she is now part of your child’s village. Although you may have been married to or in a relationship with someone for years, you do not know all of the struggles they are dealing with. Even if you do not fully understand, you can always choose to be kind. A woman who has endured great pain would never want to inflict it onto another because she knows exactly how debilitating it can be. Instead of judging others, try to understand them or just love them through it.    -Miss Kris

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