I’m Sabrena.
I was my own first client. I navigated repeated trauma, healed and bounced back — one day and relationship at a time. I then dedicated my life to personal development and growth, becoming stronger than ever before. 

A mother, caregiver, business advisor and survivor, I developed methods based on my own and others' life experiences to help people to transform their lives, realize their dreams and find happiness, love and success they never thought possible.

I have a passion for guiding people to reclaim their personal power, to remember their value and purpose, and to live up to their full potential.

If you're sick of being tired, overwhelmed and unfulfilled, I’m here to help you create the life of your dreams!

It's important to view your financial needs as a part of your self-care routine and plans for the future. Having helped everyone from single moms to large families with money management, I take pride in helping people gain more control over their spending and financial lives by identifying bad financial habits, tracking expenses, prioritizing spending and keeping up with their overall goals. 

Navigating relationship issues can be tough for anyone, whether healing from past traumas or dating with intention to find the right person for you. With coping experience ranging from breakups to divorce to caring for a close family member with dementia, I take pride in helping people navigate conflicts large and small, while establishing trust, credibility and bonds that stand the test of time.

When it comes to starting or running a business, entrepreneurship is a path filled with potential pitfalls. Having helped individuls and small businesses to achieve their goals for more than 25 years, I provide personalized insight and advice for those who want to take the leap and become entrepreneurs and startup ventures seeking to carve out a successful niche in the marketplace.

Storytelling is how brands and companies reach and engage with their audiences. But it can be a challenge to produce content that is timely, relevant and compelling. I work with my team of professional writers and expert content strategists to help you say the right thing at the right time, and coordinate messaging across channels to offer high-quality, cohesive and on-brand content that is valuable to your audiences.
  • 50/hr
  • 1-5 Years Experience
  • Certified
  • Audio Sessions
Languages: English
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Author Coaching




I Became a Life Coach

I love people. And it's that love of people that has taught me the importance of self-love, which is the key to having all you desire in life.

I believe people should be judged by their character and actions, not the scars they carry. And I provide straight talk, real-world guidance and transformational methods to steer people through life's challenges and changes.
It’s my mission to help you become the best version of yourself in your personal and business life.

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My Thoughts


Budget Managing Tips – 2021

Avoid Looking for Satisfaction in More Money:
More money doesn’t fix financial issues. In fact, having more money can create a bigger problem if you are already dealing with budgeting issues.

Any good budget coach will tell you that more money won’t make you happier. Instead, having control over your finances brings peace of mind a sense of satisfaction.

Start Paying Off Your Debts:
Pay off as much of your debt as you can. It’s not wise to hold on to money while in debt. The purpose of money is to let it work for you.

Paying off debts eases pressure. Dealing with debt collectors isn’t fun. Once you pay off your debts you get the freedom to plan your life without distractions.

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A fighting spirit is necessary if you are to keep going. Discouragements will come in all shapes and colors. But if you keep fighting you will reach your goal. Here too, your attitude matters. For example, if you realize that something isn’t working for you as you thought it would, resignation is not the way. Can you do things differently? Or can you change your career? Just don’t give in to a defeated attitude. That will only take you many steps back.

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