I’m Charlene.
I'm a certified life coach (Tony Gaskins Academy) and Articulation Artist--a multi-skilled wordsmith who can help you shine and win in countless ways. I combine my literary expertise and gift for verbal articulation with my passion for helping people face and overcome creative and life challenges that are disturbing their peace, keeping them from being and feeling their best, and impeding their positive impact on the world. 

I'm a mainstream and self-published author, empowerment poet, accomplished copy editor/proofreader/literary coach, and a self-mastery catalyst. Through my large body of works, I help people build strong self-esteem by inspiring them to implement the courage to pursue their best interests at all times.

Working with me is just that: work. I'm the one you need if you're tired of just talking and are ready to make major changes in yourself and your life. You should only book an appointment with me if you feel you are truly ready to dig deeply into yourself to uncover and face your truths, and then take action on transforming your situations. With care and compassion, I'll help you stay focused on your inner transformation and the self-work necessary to turn your obstacles into victories. 

I have published books on this subject and have lived this way for over 30 years. Working with me, you will be able to win over yourself and start to build the confidence that already lives inside you, to its highest degree, so you can learn to navigate your life in the healthiest way and get the best results.

*Something to consider: Booking an appointment with me here is your best bet, price wise, because if you book with me through one of my personal websites, the rates will vary based on the site you're on and the service you're seeking, and they are all higher than what I offer here. My rate at MyMentor.Life is a flat fee for any service you book (of the three I offer on this site). This is the best way for more people to have access to my services at the same rate during these financially challenging times. I know firsthand how it feels to want or need a service and be short on funds. I was in that space for over a decade, so I want to make it easier for people to get the help they need. 

I look forward to forging a great relationship with you! Let's work soon! And remember: The person who always needs to have your you. 

I invite you to learn more about me and all of my services. Here's a link with detailed information:
  • 100/hr
  • 10+ Years Experience
  • Certified
  • Audio Sessions
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Languages: English
Specializing in:

Author Coaching

Purpose Coaching

Self Love


I Became a Life Coach

I want to help as many people as possible to overcome the kinds of challenges I have. I hate seeing people suffer, especially with situations I know I can help them with because I've made it to the other side.
It's YOUR journey. Embrace it. Fulfill it. YOUR way.

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My Thoughts

Dreams Do Come True

A story about how I moved through the torture of not having a book deal, and came out on the other side a bigger winner than I was even trying to be!

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