I provide frustrated Queens dating answers and solutions, which empowers them to attract and recognize their commitment ready King.

Queens Are You:

👉Tired of wasting your time in dead end relationships feeling like your loosing your mind dealing with unnecessary drama and stress

👉Tired of spending countless hours day after day having the same frustrating arguments with the same brother who has a different name

👉What about tired of guys who feel entitled to lay in your bed at night, yet disrespect you in the morning light

Well, I Know How You Feel...

To meet a man or even reunite with someone from your past and invest your time, energy, and loyalty in him only to find out after the fact the man you were committed to building a life with wasn’t serious about you is devastating and frustrating.

It makes you mad and sad. It causes you to feel like a fool who won’t or can’t find a loyal, faithful, committed man to love you for you. But you’re not. In fact you’re far from it.

I value you and I offer you an invitation to transform your life, not with a life coach, but as a Queen speaking life to empower you another Queen with the commitment to provide you

👉 trust 👉 integrity and 👉 objectivity

You deserve to minimize your stress and have not just a man. But a husband whose Kingdom-minded and treats you like the Queen you know you are.

What’s In It For You? Results!

👉 No more late nights pacing the floor or sitting up waiting and wondering if your boyfriend is going to call, text, or come by

👉 No more stressing over if your boyfriend is playing games with your heart and running the street with other women

👉 No more frustrating conversations telling him how you’re a good woman and why you’re worthy of compassion, consistency, and commitment

Instead, you’ll walk away expecting the men you date to treat you as the Royal Queen you are. And you'll be able to recognize him – the man who is dating you for commitment!

👉So, are you ready to recognize if the man you are dating is serious about you?👈

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I Became a Life Coach

Too often as ladies we’re unaware, misinformed, and blindsided by the red flags, manipulation tactics, and bad habits of men.

We accept, entertain, and dismiss things we shouldn’t and end up stressed, frustrated, betrayed, angry, sad, mistreated, and abused and it doesn’t have to be that way.

Because my mission is to serve and empower you Queen to know when you’re single you don’t have to settle for a situationship, when you're dating overwhelming stress doesn’t have to be the norm, and when you're living life on your own terms you can and should love it.

So, know this, relationships are unavoidable.

They impact the state of your mind and the quality of your life. That’s why it's important to master them, especially the relationship you have with you. Your life has a purpose and that purpose doesn’t include letting others treat you as less than!

I commit to provide you quality results that maximize your time, minimize your stress, and streamline your life to empower you to recognize a commitment ready man and live YOUR life royally and purposely.
24 hours doesn’t seem long, but in 24 hours you could change your life; so go ahead and do something life-changing now.

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My Thoughts


Are You Disrespecting Yourself for a Relationship Future?

Today’s blog post “Are You Disrespecting Yourself for a Relationship Future?”, is based on years of seeing tears of broken hearted women and hearing them tell their stories of how frustrated, and upset they are with the dating process and the men who walked away from them, as though they never meant anything to them.

If you advertising free, for a fee, or at a reduced cost specialty for the sake of a relationship, then Queen you have just told the man that you’re with that the value you bring is not worth anything; and at that rate you want ever attract a principal man of integrity willing to give you a ring to make you his Queen.

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He Is Emotionally Unstable?

Today’s blog post, “Is He Emotionally Unstable?”, was inspired by real life events, which made me think about how often we overlook emotional issues in people we date that have been there from the start of our relationship, because they had emotional issues before we ever met them that were never resolved.

~If it’s normal for the man you’re dating to have extreme and uncontrollable anger especially towards you, then you’re dating and unstable man and an unstable man can’t be trusted. So, you shouldn’t believe he loves you. ~Coach Sam

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Are You a Poor Communicator?

Today’s blog post “Are You a Poor Communicator?” was inspired by an email conversation that then turned into a face to face conversation, in which to avoid arguing and continuously back and forth getting nowhere, I chose to articulate to the individual, clearly there was a miscommunication.

~If you’re too busy to give a person your undivided attention then you should avoid responding or initiated a conversation with them because the point of communicating is to be responsive to the person you’re speaking to. ~Coach Sam

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Is He Talking to Other Women?

Today’s blog post Is He Talking to Other Women? was inspired by advice I was asked to give this week. And simply put the issue was how to handle men talking to other women. So as a woman I want you to know talking to or dating a man, doesn’t make him your man!

~If the man you’re talking to is talking to is talking to and entertaining other women, then the guy your dating is not committed to you, because the man that your dating – if he’s committed to you, he’s only going to be talking to you! ~ Coach Sam

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Are You Moving for Him?

Today’s blog post “Are You Moving for Him?” is inspired from the countless number of women who’ve told their stories of how they packed up their life to move for a man, only to find out he wasn’t the man they thought he was and the relationship they thought they had didn’t exist.

~When you’re dating don’t make dramatic decisions for someone who doesn’t see or value you as necessary; otherwise, you’ll end up discarded and disregarded~ Coach Sam

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Are You Too Kind to Men?

Today’s blog post “Are You Too Kind to Men?” was inspired by an incident that I witnessed take place in an elevator this week. It made me think about how often many ladies dating may be going out of their way to be kind to men and not realizing that they are in fact too kind.

~You’re kindness is kind, until it enables others to be inconsiderate of your well-being.~ Coach Sam

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He Is Wasting Your Time?

Today’s blog post, “Is He Wasting Your Time?” was inspired by every woman who has ever asked me if a man was wasting their time and I had to tell them yes he most certainly is, but you don’t have to allow him to continue to do so.

~If you allow a man to waste your time, you show him you don’t value your time and that’s costing you your life. Is he worth it?~ Coach Sam

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Can We Talk About Mental Health?

So today’s blog post “Can We Talk About Mental Health?” tackles what mental health is, why it’s important, and a few resources available if you or anyone you know needs help.

~There is freedom admitting you’re struggling with your mental health because the first step to resolving and solving any issue is to first acknowledge that it exists it’s then that we can take time to do inner reflection and seek out the help we need so we can live life healthy and whole.~ Coach Sam

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Are You Dating Insecure?

Today’s blog post “Are You Dating Insecure?” was inspired by an interaction I experienced this week as I was preparing to leave the place where I was that I call spotlighting…

~You cannot expect a man to see you as confident, when you tell him and show him through your actions and reactions that you’re insecure.~ Coach Sam

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Are You Doing the Work?

Today’s blog post, Are You Doing the Work? is a continuation from last week’s topic. However, today I give you a practical approach to determine if you’re focusing more on building the outer you more than the inner you.

~If you say you want God’s will and plan for your life, then you must choose to commit to implementing the daily principles and practices to make it possible, otherwise it won’t be so.~ Coach Sam

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What Did You Say?

Today’s blog post What Did You Say? focuses on 3 filters us queens should take the words we speak to ourselves through because too often we’re saying negative things to ourselves and dismissing it.

~We’ve all heard and many of us were taught words can never hurt us, but the truth is words built our world and words power our thoughts; and our thoughts show up in the foundation of our beliefs and values, which determines how we live our life.~ Coach Sam

Recognize Him Is He Dating YOU For Commitment? Available for Pre-Order Now

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Are You Waiting for Him to Change?

“Are You Waiting on Him to Change?” is today’s blog post inspired by a questioned asked in a mentoring lunch and learn session, which made me think about how often as ladies we wait and hope for a man we’re interested in to change, when we shouldn’t. And in this blog post I discuss 5 reasons why it’s a bad idea to wait on any man you’re interested in to change.

~Waiting on a man to change is the equivalent of waiting on something that may never be because his reality may be change is not necessary for him to be.~ Coach Sam

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Are You Still Calling Your Ex?

Today’s blog post “Are You Still Calling Your Ex?” poses the question of why and gives insight to why when our relationship is over, especially when us Queens said the guy was no good, we should not still be calling our ex.

~When both you and your ex still hold the same thoughts, opinions, and ideas on what a relationship and marriage should be, then going back means you’re both signing up in your present to repeat and relive the failures and frustrations of your past because you refuse to abandon what you already know didn’t work.~ Coach Sam

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Do You Want Revenge?

Today’ s blog post “Do You Want Revenge?” is inspired by Joel Osteen’s Dealing with Difficult People Sermon. As I listened to it, I thought about the many instances in my own life when I wanted to take matters into my own hands and how important it is to know what is and is not worth our time.

~To want revenge or to clapback at an ex who did us wrong is a reality that many of us face at some point in our life, but its not worth our time because our time is an investment we should spend in places and spaces with people who matter, especially to our destiny.~ Coach Sam

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Are You That King? | Queen, Do You See Him?

Today’s blog post “Are You That King?” is inspired by the promo trailer for the documentary Aftershock, which details how women of color, specifically, black women die in child birth at 3 to 4 times the rate of white women, which ultimately leaves the child with one parent – the father…

~Sometimes it can feel like no one sees you, values you, or appreciates you; so keeping that your worth will never be seen by all and still it’s definitely worth more than words can say to those who matter even when they can’t or don’t know how to best express it.~ Coach Sam

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Do You Know What You Want?

The idea for today’s blog post “Do You Know What You Want?” came to mind after speaking to my mom about why it’s challenging to identify your purpose when your confused about what you want.

~If you don’t know what you want, you’ll spend your life investing time doing things that take you in the wrong direction, going places that don’t matter, and aligning yourself with people you shouldn’t.~ Coach Sam

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Is Your Talking Purposeful?

Today’s blog post “Is Your Talking Purposeful?” was inspired by my own life. As I sat listening to others explain why they believe certain phrases are abrupt or come across as rude in conversations it made me think about how often people speak and don’t speak for the sake of purpose and at same time how people can speak with purpose and the person(s) they spoke to missed it.

~If you’re talking isn’t purposeful then at its core you are building a relationship that won’t weather the storms of life.~ Coach Sam

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Are You Listening?

Today’s blog post “Are You Listening?” is inspired by the aftermath of me being informed by a third party that a communication I sent out about a dysfunctional process was instead taken personally, which lead me to see how easily people can be distracted by their own personal issues and those issues can cause them to miss hearing what’s been said to them.

~Now be mindful that if you take something that someone has said and internalize it and make it about you then you are not listening to what they have said to you about them.~ Coach Sam

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Was Your Relationship Meant to End?

Today’s blog post “Was Your Relationship Meant to End? was inspired by a statement from Dharius Daniels as I listened to a sermon he preached in which he stated… Some relationships were destined to grow apart others were not and did not have to grow apart but they grew apart because we didn’t do our part!…

~If your relationship ended it’s your job to understand why not cry because the King appointed some folks to pass by to help identify that you already had the ability to fly.~ Coach Sam

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What Have You Come to Teach Me?

In today’s blog post “What Have You Come to Teach Me? I speak about the 3 main lessons I believe life is always teaching us because everything has a purpose and its up to us to learn the lesson or end up repeating another session.

~Life is always teaching us something, but it’s our state of mind that affects our perspective and it’s our willingness to learn the lessons that affects our knowledge and it’s our decisions to implement our knowledge that determines if we live life transformed from the teaching’s life has taught.~ Coach Sam

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How Will You Take Control?

“How Will You Take Control?” is today’s blog post giving you three options to consider to take control of your life if indeed the Supreme Court rules in favor to make Roe v. Wade unconstitutional.

~Yes, elections have consequences that we must live with but so do the choices we choose to make or choose not to make. ~Coach Sam

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Is Your Focus in the Right Direction?

Is Your Focus in the Right Direction? is my blog post asking you as a woman to consider where your focus is as it relates to the relationship you’re in or may have had in your past. Because the truth is where you’re focus determines your perspective and directly affects your success or the lack there of.

~If you’re overly consumed with him and neglect yourself, you’ll reflect on your past and not realize who you’ve become in your present.~ Coach Sam

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Are You Rushing to Commitment?

“Are You Rushing to Commitment?” is today’s blog post that breakdowns and identifies 10 musts that all couples need to address before even thinking about saying they’re ready for commitment.

~If you were not able to identify the makings of the man you were with and understand his purpose, you should have recognized that you two weren’t ready to become one.~
Coach Sam

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Did You Skip Dating?

“Did You Skip Dating?” is today’s blog post about the importance of taking your time to get to know the person you’re dating so that you don’t commit to a stranger.

~Many say there’s no point in getting married, while others say marriage doesn’t work. However, in most cases when people skip dating or simply date wrong, they create a foundation that was never meant or built to last. ~Coach Sam

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Did You Hear What He Said?

“Did You Hear What He Said?” is today’s blog post informing Queens of how sometimes they are dismissing what the man they are dating is saying, even though he said it loud and clear.

~Sometimes it’s not that the man you’re dating didn’t communicate with you, it’s that you dismissed what he said because your reality was your focus.~ Coach Sam

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Do You Expect Perfection?

“Do You Expect Perfection?” is today’s blog post inspired by the unexpected reaction of Will Smith from a joke told by Chris Rock at this year’s Oscar’s event. And whether you agree or not the B.E.T. Methodology would have allowed both men, as well as Jada Pinkett Smith to see the situation from a different perspective and choose a better choice.

~In a perfect world everything would go as planned and everyone would meet your expectations, however, the world we live in is far from perfect, so expecting perfection especially from people is to set yourself up for frustration and disappointment.~ Coach Sam

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Do You Feel Obligated To?

Today’s blog post “Do You Feel Obligated To?” speaks to empower any Queen struggling with the idea that’s it’s her responsibility to take care of the man she’s with to mindset shift because the truth is any person who is an adult is responsible for their own well being.

~We do have obligations as adults, however, taking of and providing for the men we’re with isn’t on the list, especially when the man in question has made no commitment to us!~Coach Sam

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Is He Really Narcissistic?

Today’s blog post was suggested by an ally and inspired by the conversation of Mel and Martel from the OWN TV show Love and Marriage in Huntsville.

We can label or feel someone is narcissist; however, the fact is more likely than not the person is simply disrespectful and or selfish because they feel entitled to be and being disrespectful and or selfish doesn’t make them a narcissist. ~Coach Sam

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Are You Disrespectful?

Today’s blog post “Are You Disrespectful?” was inspired by a conversation I recently had at work, which caused me to think about how easily we may dismiss our responses to people without realizing the way in which we responds leaves that person thinking about us in a negative light.

If you say that you’re never disrespectful I challenge you to rethink that because no matter how great your standard of measurement is it does not and cannot speak for all of those you interact with 100% of the time and that naturally means it will fall short of someone else’s expectations if it hasn’t already. ~Coach Sam

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Is Your Relationship Fatal to Your Life?

“Is Your Relationship Fatal to Your Life?” is a blog inspired by real life events that transpired this past week in my community and in it I discuss three reasons why you need to exit your relationship if it is indeed fatal to your life.

~You can call yourself a queen all day, and while God loves us all the fact is when you’re conscious there are some costs, you’re not willing to pay because you’re aware and cognizant they’re overpriced~ Coach Sam

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Do You Need Comfort?

Today’s blog Do You Need Comfort? was inspired by the continued events this week from people as well my own life that caused us to experience a range of emotions.

~Sometimes we look for comfort in things, places and people. However, all things don’t bring comfort, certain places we go lead to self-destruction, and people while some are willing don’t have the capacity to heal our soul.~ Coach Sam

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Are Your Friends – Friends?

Today’s blog post “Are Your Friends – Friends? is inspired by an incident that took place this week between two individuals who called each other friend. As an objective party I intervened and listened to them both, and though it was not apparent to one, clearly the other was not a friend.

A friend is like the anchor of a ship whether your life’s journey is going smooth or rough, they’re with you and their character is a testament to their faithfulness because it shows they are for you. ~ Coach Sam

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Will You Let Someone Else’s Presents Burden Your Present?

Today’s blog post Will You Let Someone Else’s Presents Burden Your Present? is actually a poem to encourage single Queens this Valentine’s Day to recognize everything relationship is not as it seems and to empower them to know that they should and have the right to enjoy the moment of their present state and stage in life, even on this Monday, Valentine’s Day.

~It is often our eyesight outward that distracts us from looking within to see that our present is a present worth celebrating and appreciating. ~Coach Sam

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Are You Emotionally Ready?

Are You Emotionally Ready? is today’s blog post challenging you to shift your perspective on relationships, so you can truly assess where you are as an individual emotionally.

~Before you think about being in a committed relationship you need to consider if you’re emotionally ready because to sustain a commitment in a relationship with a man you must be emotionally able to express what you feel and be open to allow him to see you vulnerable. ~Coach Sam

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Are You Willing to Be the Best for You?

Are You Willing to Be the Best for You? is my blog post where I challenge you to take a look at how you show up for and treat you.

~Sometimes we look to others to bring their best to the table of our lives to make our lives better, while failing to see that we aren’t even willing to make sacrifices to improve our state of being. ~Coach Sam

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Ladies, Are You Running Behind Your Man?

Ladies, Are You Running Behind Your Man? is my blog post asking all the ladies in relationships to think about the state of their relationship and if they are the one trying to hold and keep a relationship with someone who has clearly already checked out.

~There’s a difference in making a relationship work versus holding on to a relationship that doesn’t exist. ~ Coach Sam

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Could You Be One of the 80,000?

Today’s blog post, “Could You Be One of the 80,000?” is meant to cause you to think about opportunity in a different way because sometimes what we need is to shift our perspective and view opportunity with a different mindset.

~Sometimes we say there is no opportunity, but sometimes opportunity is staring us in the face, yet we don’t see it as an opportunity because it’s not our preference or we don’t see it as a benefit to us.~Coach Sam

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Are You Crippling Those You Love?

“Are You Crippling Those You Love?” is my blog post asking you to consider if you are truly being a support system for your loved ones or if your being sung a sad song they use to have an excuse to stay where they are.

~Sometimes we can feel as though we must do all that we can to help those we love and in turn the reality is that instead of helping them we’re hurting them and ourselves.~ Coach Sam

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Will This New Year Be Different?

“Will This New Year Be Different?” is my blog post challenging you to take inventory on if you make goals you don’t intend to make a reality. Because too often we say we want something different, yet our thoughts and actions don’t align with what we say.

~A New Year’s resolution means nothing if you don’t identify where you are and take insightful action to determine what you need to do to know where you want to go.~ Coach Sam

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Do You Understand the Reasons for Gifts on Christmas?

Today’s blog post speaks specifically about the reason and purpose of the wise men bringing Jesus gifts on His birthday.

~In most cases when we celebrate someone’s birth, we’re giving gifts, but on today, we celebrate and receive gifts and honor the most precious gift of all who died on the cross for you and me. – We call him Immanuel

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Ladies, Are You Making This Number One Dating Mistake?

“Ladies, Are You Making This Number One Dating Mistake?” is my blog post asking women who are dating to evaluate if they understand where they are going wrong by not thinking about and considering the importance of purpose. Because the fact of the matter is that everything created people, places, and things have a purpose.

~Some people treat dating as though it’s simply something to do to fill their idol time or to avoid being alone with their thoughts, however, if you’re dating you should be doing so with purpose and intentionality. ~ Coach Sam

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Do You Really Have the Hook Up?

Do You Really Have the Hook Up? is my blog post inspired by a conversation of teenagers talking about fast food and how they offer extra services to their friends at work and while it made me smile to hear some of their friends decline, it also made me think about how limited our view can be on having the hook up.

~ When you have the hook up you have access to more than freebies, you have people in your corner and in your life who care about you and for you so they always have your best interest in mind and at heart. ~Coach Sam

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Is the Money Worth a Child’s Life?

Is the Money Worth a Child’s Life? is my blog post inspired by the school shooting at a Michigan High School in which a 15-year-old sophomore currently faces multiple first-degree murder and terrorism charges after he shot 4 students.

~If the educational system decision-makers don’t learn to look beyond momentary financial gains, we’ll lose what matters most and that’s our children and their life and well-being has no price tag. ~

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Are You Loving Yourself?

“Are You Loving Yourself?” is my blog post speaking about us taking the time to focus on making what we need something we provide.

~Sometimes we can focus and fixation on looking outward to have that which we should first provide to ourselves~ Coach Sam

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Are You Equipped for the Function – Wife or Husband?

Today’s blog post Are You Equipped for the Function – Wife or Husband? was inspired by the Redefine TV The Wedding Day | Cuffing Season Vol 2 Part 2 ( which caused me to think about how often and too often we think to our-self marriage is a solution or the ultimate solution to our problems, when in fact it is not and we truly aren’t ready for marriage when we get married.

~Don’t be in such a hurry to be a wife or a husband that you fail to equip and prepare yourself for the role because you understanding what the expectations are and how to do those expectations in the role is the foundation of your success once your officially carry the title wife or husband.~Coach Sam

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Do You Help Strengthen His Spirit or His Flesh?

Do You Help Strengthen His Spirit or His Flesh? is my blog post encouraging you as a woman to look at the type of woman you are to determine if you are influencing your spouse or the men you date to be better or worse and giving you tools to do something about it.

~More than you know you can strengthen your man for the better or for the worse because you have the grace to be his help and God gives you the free will to choose your standards. ~ Coach Sam

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Are You Stuck Because You Choose Be?

Today’s blog post Are You Stuck Because You Choose Be? focuses on how to identify if you’ve chosen to be stuck and 3 things you can do about it.

~Sometimes it’s not that we don’t know that we’re stuck, sometimes it’s that we choose to continue doing things that keep us in a place of comfort despite knowing that comfort comes with a side of frustration and despair.~ Coach Sam

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Are You Committed?

Today’s blog post “Are You Committed?” speaks about the 3 reasons we shouldn’t quit when we’ve given our word to someone that we would get something done.

~It’s easy to say that you’re committed to do something when it seems it’ll be quick and easy to do, however, commitment means that you’re going to follow through and find a way to do what you said despite any challenges you face and despite the feeling you may now have about doing what you said.~ Coach Sam

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Do You Maximize Your Free Time?

Are You Maximizing Your Free Time? is my blog post about how we can take an unexpected gap in our schedule and decide to make the most of it or decide to miss the opportunity to do more.

~An unexpected early release from work doesn’t have to become time that’s wasted doing things that add no value or profitability into your life or the world.~ Coach Sam

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Are You Paying Attention to Your Own Problems?

Today’s blog post “Are You Paying Attention to Your Own Problems? was inspired by people in my neighborhood. You see it’s easy to get caught up with someone else’s life wondering if they’re watching you or even thinking about you, but the fact of the matter is even if they were there’s nothing you could do about it and your mindset should be so focused on what you need to do that you can dismiss distractions and wasting your time investing in things, people, and places that return you nothing for doing so.

~If you’re not paying attention to what’s happening at your own house for looking at your neighbor’s or a strange you don’t know, you could have an internal fire and not know it.~ Coach Sam

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Does He Provide You with Clarity?

Today’s blog post Does He Provide You with Clarity? gives you 3 reasons about why the man you’re dating providing you with clarity is important and necessary.

~ Clarity – No matter how much we may say trust your gut is the key in knowing for certain that what we’re thinking of or about is a sound and wise decision to make ~ Coach Sam

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Are You Gathering Information to Solve the Wrong Problem?

Today’s blog post is about how information alone doesn’t solve problem and why we must be aware that gathering the wrong information to solve a problem can actually make it worse.

~You can gather all the information and facts you like, but if you focus on fact finding instead of getting to the root cause of the problem you face what you’ll have in the end is a whole lot of facts that you can’t do a thing with. ~Coach Sam

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Have You Continued to Trust Someone Untrustworthy?

Have You Continued to Trust Someone Untrustworthy? is my post speaking on how we can identify 5 ways we can to recognize if we are allowing people to remain in our life and inner circle who shouldn’t be.

~Just because perfection doesn’t exist doesn’t mean that we should not evaluate the character and actions of those who claim to be for us. ~ Coach Sam

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Ever Though You Were Ready, But Wasn’t?

Ever Though You Were Ready, But Wasn’t? is my blog post about how you can plan for an event, in particular a launch and on the day of that plan you had just doesn’t work out as you planned, and yet you know that you need to press forward and do what you are called to do.

“Always remember that life may not go how you want or plan even though you went out of your way to plan how you wanted it.” ~Coach Sam

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Do You Accept Responsibility?

Do You Accept Responsibility? is my blog post about how if we are not careful to examine how our shortcomings can impact those we work with and for, as well as our ability to evolve and do bigger and better things that we’ll remain stuck in the same situation day after day when the reality is that we have the power and authority to change our lives through our actions.

We hear about accepting responsibility throughout our lives and when it comes down to it – hearing we should accept responsibility and actually accepting responsibility are two different things. And in order to accept responsibility we must look at our shortcomings and see that adjusting is a service of kindness to ourselves as well as others. ~Coach Sam

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Do You Look Forward to Escaping Your Reality?

Do You Look Forward to Escaping Your Reality? is my blog post inspired by my exposure to the mindset of those who seek and enjoy temporary relief year after year and will even post on social media about their mindset and plan to celebrate holidays being impaired, without failing to see that relief they seek is bringing them further away from the peace they truly need to live life purposefully.

~I know many people love vacations, but to desire a vacation is not the same as wanting to be outside of your mind. And to enjoy or want your mental state impaired says there’s a problem in my life that I don’t see or that I don’t want to deal with. ~ Coach Sam

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Are You About to Do a Thing?

Are You About to Do a Thing? is my blog post speaking on calling. And if you recognize and are willing to embrace your calling to reach others with the gift you have that can help them change their life for the better.

“Sometimes in life you have to be willing to do a thing that no one understands and sometimes that it seems no one will support, especially when that thing is the thing that God has called you to do.” ~Coach Sam

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Do You Appreciate the Work in Process?

Do You Appreciate the Work in Process? is today’s blog post inspired by the new freelancer now working on my book cover for my upcoming book titled, “Recognize Him: Is He Dating YOU For Commitment?” Throughout my journey to finding a freelancer to complete it, I realized how often we can want something completed, but not take the time to appreciate the process and how that mindset can limit our ability to see value in what we say we want or need in our life.

“You know it’s easy to want and admire a finished work of art. However, before it’s completion someone took the time to ensure everything you see would be beautiful, which means they understood that process would lead to progress of its completion.” ~Coach Sam

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Do You Communicate Things That You Don’t Support?

Do You Communicate Things That You Don’t Support? is today’s blog post that focuses on how communication affects business and how your customers and potential customers view you and the way you do business.

You should make every effort to communicate what you support and what you don’t because it’s in your communication that you draw people to or away from you ~Coach Sam

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What Does Your Character Say About You?

“What Does Your Character Say About You?” is my blog post on how our character, even when we don’t realize it, draws people to us and can either work for or against us.

~Character is the foundation of your identity that sets you apart, which makes you stand out as the go to person to solve problems or provide a service to others. ~Coach Sam

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How Many Times Did He Tell You No?

“How Many Times Did He Tell You No?” is today’s blog post inspired by a situation in my own life, where I found myself telling the individual more than once we are not a good fit for each other, yet, the individual had a hard time receiving my answer as no.

~Sometimes in life we fail to recognize that an individual we see as worthy and worth it is telling us no, and the failure to recognize it keeps us going in circles with them, spending our time on a situationship or in a relationship that’s going nowhere ~Coach Sam

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Do You Want God’s Favor Without Work?

Do You Want God’s Favor Without Work? is a blog post about how we can expect favor, when we aren’t ready for it or simply may not realize we are not committed to it.

~The expectation of God’s favor in your life, with the mindset of I don’t have to do anything and if I do decide to do anything I’ll do it the way I choose is to refuse to understand that obtaining better and greater things requires your commitment to consistent effort and faithful submission. ~Coach Sam

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Do You Wait Until the Last Minute?

“Do You Wait Until the Last Minute?” is a blog post inspired by witnessing how sometimes we can have a substantial amount of time to get simple tasks done, but instead of making them a priority to get done as soon as possible, we wait until the last minute and then get frustrated when completing the tasks don’t go as we thought.

Timeliness is an asset that pays dividends when you use it wisely. ~Coach Sam

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Are You Wasting Time and Disrupting Business?

Today’s blog post “Are You Wasting Time and Disrupting Business” is inspired by what I call “Salon Talks”. I call it that because what I discovered while being at the salon is even those in business can struggle with time management and sometime their struggle is due to the lack of timeliness of their customers, which all goes back to our mindset on how we see and value time.

~You cannot allow people to impose their need and desire for convenience on you at the expense of you~ Coach Sam

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Are You Content with Getting Handouts?

“Are You Content with Getting Handouts?” is a blog post inspired by a comment one of my relatives made about being left out by our government though striving to do and want more. And that comment made me think about how many people really think and believe that they’re winning because their government is providing for them. So, I stopped by to tell you:

~It’s one thing to find yourself in a tough spot in need of help and quite another to not want to help yourself and be content with letting others take care of you. ~Coach Sam

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Will You Push Through the Dirt?

Currently, I am in the process of having my manuscript, Recognize Him: Is He Dating You for Commitment? formatted. And “Will You Push Through the Dirt?” encourages you to realize that each time you face a set back to have the mindset that there is something you learned; and to take what you’ve learned to complete the goal you set and then inspire and encourage someone else to do the same.

~When you think about dirt, you should think about the possibilities of new beginnings and continued growth. ~Coach Sam

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Do You Think Discipline Is or Equals Success?

“Do You Think Discipline Is or Equals Success?” points out the fact that discipline and success are both defined by YOU, so you are the most valuable person to determine if you are discipline and or successful in your life. ~Discipline is a requirement for living life, not simply success, or the attainment of success in the mind of others. ~Coach Sam

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Have You Protected Your Most Valuable?

“Have You Protected Your Most Valuable?” speaks about how the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack caused alarm, but how we should evaluate if we take necessary measures to protect what matters most in our own personal lives.

~Just like companies have infostructures, so do you, it’s called your personal life and the people, your mindset, systems, and things that matter. The question is do you know their worth and have you invested in protecting them as you should. ~ Coach Sam

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Mothers – Will You Take a Day to Pause to Rest?

With Mother’s Day being tomorrow it seemed fitting for me to dedicate today’s post to the mothers around the world. Too often, as a mom, I see you going beyond for others to exceed expectations, but forget to do the same for yourself.

“There is NOTHING that compares to her Love, there is NOTHING that measures to her Compassion, there is NOTHING that withstands her Resiliency, and there is NOTHING that outshines her Selflessness – she, this woman I speak of, she IS a mother.” ~Coach Sam

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Are You Self-Assured?

“Are You Self-Assured?” is a post inspired from seeing how people reacted to my being present at a close place, despite the fact they too came to the same closed placed, more likely than not because they saw me, not realizing or understanding MY why.

~Knowing that your instincts are correct about a situation will allow you to trust yourself instead leaning to following an unknown and unproven stranger. ~Coach Sam

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Is Your Mindset Reset and Ready for What Comes Next?

“Is Your Mindset Reset and Ready for What Comes Next?” is my blog post in which I speak about why our mindset is important and why we should evaluate if we are indeed ready for new beginnings and possibilities in our life.

~Your mindset on life and possibilities of what could be in your life are at the center of your why for what you decide to do next with your life. ~Coach Sam

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Are You Unintentionally Making Yourself Sick?

“Are You Unintentionally Making Yourself Sick?” speaks directly about how we can unintentionally be the cause of our health failing by disregarding or seeing our caffeine choices we make as irrelevant.

~Energy is something we all need, but getting energy that devastates your life or your health is toxic. ~ Coach Sam

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Do You Consider What’s Out of Sight?

“Do You Consider What’s Out of Sight?” discusses why a person’s private life is highly important, matters just as much if not more than what they showcase in public, and why it’s important to recognize it sooner rather than later.

~What happens backstage in a person’s life is just if not more important than what happens onstage because it’s the backstage mindset, attitudes, and behaviors that shape the presentation and quality of a person’s onstage perspectives, lifestyle, and actions. ~Coach Sam

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Do You Speak Out Help or Hurt?

“Do You Speak Out Help or Hurt?” was inspired by a disagreement that I had with a person in my community. Although disputes are sometimes unavoidable, the fact of the matter is that we can still speak to people in our community, or in our personal and professional lives with respect, so that we are using our words to speak out help and helpful solutions to resolve our differences.

~Letters of the alphabet form the most important things we use to establish relationships, communicate how we feel, and tell others what we need and want – words. And yet too often words are the demise of personal and professional affairs, when they don’t have to be. ~ Coach Sam

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Do You Willingly Walk into Problems?

“Do You Willingly Walk into Problems” is a blog post inspired by an ongoing situation with a house that has at least one major issue with its plumbing, yet, seeing people still willing to wait to move into it, over two months later…

“Our willingness to accept less than favorable conditions for right now satisfaction, temporary gains, and selfish or shallow motives can lead us into knowingly walking into problems we could have avoided, if we would have taken the time to realize the red flags and stop signs screaming – RECONSIDER BECAUSE THIS IS NOT FOR YOU” ~Coach Sam

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Are You Wasteful?

“Are You Wasteful” is a blog post inspired by the excitement of so many who finally received a third stimulus check, yet, had already pre-planned so many unproductive people, places, and things to spend it on before it ever reached their hands; and it is my desire with today’s blog post to challenge you to look at your life to evaluate if your dating, mindset, and lifestyle habits are working for you or against you.

~If you want to get somewhere, you’ve got to get moving to go somewhere realizing that going somewhere requires productive daily choices that positively help you grow and evolve into a better version of you!” ~ Coach Sam

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Are You Confused by The Glimpses of Light?

In today’s blog post “Are You Confused by The Glimpses of Light?” I give scenarios on how to know if someone is stringing you along and discuss why you should not entertain people who consistently show up in your life inconsistently.

~People whose behaviors and lifestyles appear as glimpses of light that come and go are unstable and unsteady, and choosing to trust in them is choosing to sign up for frustration and foolishness. ~Coach Sam

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Do You Know Your Worth?

“Do You Know Your Worth” is today’s blog post where I focus on challenging your mindset on what worth is and questioning where you put your worth.

~Be aware that as a human being the most expensive or rarest item, the biggest mansion or largest yacht, or even the greatest or most used invention did not create themselves – they were all created by none other than a person. So, value yourself and know your worth is unparalleled ~Coach Sam

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How Do You Handle Delayed Gratification?

“How Do You Handle Delayed Gratification” is a blog post inspired by my mother’s reaction to an order she expected to arrive yesterday actually having a much later shipping date. Her demeanor made me ponder on how much we don’t like delays, especially when we feel we have waited long enough, and the ways in which we handle delays, hence the title of today’s post.

~While we may not prefer to wait for something or on someone, waiting is part of life and in times of waiting it’s your mindset and attitude that can make waiting miserable or not, choose to wait with the understanding that delayed gratification makes the actualization of completion more memorable and more meaningful.~ Coach Sam

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Did Your Energy Source Fail?

“Did Your Energy Source Fail?” is my blog post where I challenge you to recognize that though your energy company is in charge of supplying energy to your home, they have no power to supply energy into your life.

~Don’t put your faith in man-made things, because man-made things were never meant OR built to last a life-time~Coach Sam

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Do You Know Labels Matter?

In today’s blog post, “Do You Know Labels Matter?”, I speak about why we must realize that labels matter and the importance of not readily accepting the labels others give us, especially when those labels have no merit or factual basis to stand on.

~Imagine your worse decision or greatest mistake to date is on the internet for the whole world to view and share – What feedback would you hope to see or receive? Whatever thought came to your mind, remember that the next you want to post about someone else in a manner that you know could hurt, or make matters worse instead of better. Your humanity is on the line online! ~Coach Sam

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Is Restoration Worth It?

Is Restoration Worth It?” is a blog post where I challenge you to think about the three P’s – positive, productive, and precious. These are three words that should come to mind when you think about your relationships. If they don’t, the question is why? And why would you want to restore them?

~Peace of mind, joy in your heart, and trust in your soul are intangible assets that you shouldn’t forfeit, throw to the wayside, and disregard for the sake of restoration with another. Restoration with that price is a price not worth paying.~ Coach Sam

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I was inspired to write this blog post by a child named Joey who had a question about a math problem, 8-7=? He came to me frustrated and crying because he could not understand why the answer was not 7. So, I put my hands up and told him the answer is 1 because if I have 8 candies, but eat 7 of them there’s only 1 left. But to my surprise, he still didn’t understand why and continued to question how is that true. His question and persistence to understand caused me to think about how easy it is for us to go through our lives not really valuing understanding or seeing value in simple things.

~ No matter how simple something seems there’s always value in recognizing that just because it may not be or seem life-changing that it does still have the possibility to change a life. ~ Coach Sam

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Are You Disciplined?

Discipline is more than doing the right or wrong thing and though we may not directly think about discipline, it is discipline that impacts our lives everyday of our lives and in this blog post, I speak specifically on the topic of discipline and why we must intentionally develop discipline for ourselves. ~ I say to you discipline is a requirement of your value system that you must live out daily as non-negotiable because the price is worth the cost~ Coach Sam

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What Are You Advertising?

Too often, it’s easy to think of advertising as only business related, so we can overlook that we are advertisers. So, I discuss in this blog post the ways in which we advertise ourselves and our lives and why it matters what we advertise, especially when we seek to attract a spouse.

~You wouldn’t show up to a Bugatti dealership looking for Hyundai and you wouldn’t go to an organic whole foods store looking for a deep-dish pizza; so, recognize advertising is a part of life and we can’t say we want something or someone, but advertise ourselves and live our life in a way that says we don’t want it, we are not capable of handling it, and we will not improve our state of being to have it.~ Coach Sam

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Are YOU Fit to Lead?

As a leader who focuses on serving individuals objectively and with integrity, today’s blog post directly addresses the importance of the mindset and character traits a leader needs to manage the complexity of successfully and appropriately being in charge.

~You can have the title of a leader all you want; however, it is your ability to serve ALL those you have the responsibility to steward with integrity, dignity, and thoughtfulness of their highest well-being that makes you a leader! ~ Coach Sam

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Are You Willing to Examine You and Invest in You?

“Are You Willing to Examine You and Invest in You?” – Happy New Year’s to You! Well, with this being the beginning of a new year, I’m sure most of us have goals and dreams we want to attain. So, in this blog post, I speak specifically about the two things that we all must be willing to do – Evaluate the person in the mirror and invest the necessary adjustments in us to make what we dream a reality we live.

~When you realize there’s more to life than what your eyes can see, you’ll live for more than the moment of what you feel~ Coach Sam

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Are Your Celebrations Toxic or Childish?

Are Your Celebrations Toxic or Childish?” – The topic I am speaking on in this blog post is the importance of recognizing that the way we choose to celebrate holidays and events impacts us as well as others beyond the moment, especially when we decide to use fireworks.

~The way in which you choose to celebrate and your thought process behind it shows if you have a mindset that thinks beyond the moment to see the microscopic~ Coach Sam

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Are You Creating Unhealthy Soul Ties?

“Are You Creating Unhealthy Soul Ties?” – Today, in my topic of discussion for this blog post, I define what a soul-tie is and how the creation of unhealthy soul-ties can happen and negatively impact our lives.

~It is in self-improvement that you embrace a more healthy, mindful, confident, and productive you, go for it~ Coach Sam

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What Example Are You Setting?

“What Example Are You Setting?” – In this blog post, I speak on why it’s important to recognize that even in the mist of adversity you have power, authority and responsibility to control your thoughts, emotions and actions.

~Think, speak and respond to situations and as though your life’s well-being and legacy depended on them, because it does and you have the capability to be a trendsetter wherever you are, in whatever you’re going through~ Coach Sam

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Do You Read Him? (Measure YOUR Time)

“Do You Read Him? (Measure YOUR Time)” – In this blog post, I discuss why it’s important, especially for those dating to evaluate the state of your relationship against the time you and the man you are dating have invested into the progression of your relationship.

~Time Is an Intangible Asset, Don’t Squander It, By Committing to Living in A Dead Place~
Coach Sam

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Are We Meant to Be?

Hey!! “Are We Meant to Be?” – My official welcome that identifies my ideal client, gives details about my upbringing, my definition of coaching, my journey on how I found Tony Gaskins, and the content that I will blog about weekly.

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