I’m Coach Shannon.
HEY PRE or current EMPTY NESTERS!!!! I can relate... by 38 my nest was empty. I was caught off guard by the change and felt lost and lonely and might I add EMPTY. I realized that I had put all my hopes, dreams, desires, and plans on the back burner and put all my focus on my children... then they were gone... Now What was I supposed to do?

This change had me in my feels for real! Until one day, I understood, I was still a mom just not a full-time mama anymore. It was time to put the focus back on myself but I had no idea where or how to start. For so long it was just "US" (me and my babies) and didn't know how to move forward. I was stuck in transition!

One day, I realized being a mom was not all I was called to do. I was desperate to find my new rhythm because being stuck was for the birds.  It sucked and I don't want that for you. Let me help you EMBRACE this change of season. I'm the coach for you because I KNOW you're ready to STOP being OVERWHELMED by all these emotions. Let me help prepare you for the transition or transition through this season with grace so you can find your rhythm, and get your GROOVE all the way back! Book a session now!
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I Became a Life Coach

I've been a personal development life coach for over 15 years and for the past 7, my focus has been on Emotional Intelligence. I started coaching because I recognized the emotional toll life was having on myself and many others. We were allowing our feelings to run the show. I especially became aware of this when at the age of 38, when I became a single mom empty nester. I was completely caught off guard by the emptiness of the EMPTY NEST the day I dropped my son (the last of my 3) off at college and came home and there was only ME left. It was the LOUDEST SILENCE I ever heard.

I forgot that the season of being a full-time mama would end. I sacrificed and dedicated so much of my life (time, energy, money, love, and focus) to my babies since the age of 15 and was blinded sided with the question "NOW WHAT" after I no longer had to be the full-time mama. I remember not having anyone to talk to about all the emotional stuff that was going on inside of me and not knowing what direction I should go and vowed way back then (when I finally figured it all out) that if I could help people navigate this season of their lives and understand that it's not actually the end of her life, but a change of seasons... I would do just that! 

So here I AM... Ready to serve EMPTY NESTERS and help them to be emotionally prepared for the change, transition through it with grace, find their rhythm, and finally get their GROOVE back. Thriving in the next season of your life is possible and I'm here to see it happen for you.

My goal is to build a powerful community of single black mom empty nesters so we know we're not alone and build connections that last a lifetime. After all, we're still parents and our children are definitely watching how we SHOW UP because they too one day will be where we are now. Let's give them some good examples to follow.

I'm a Certified Life Coach through Tony Gaskins' Academy. I'm an Emotional Intelligence Ambassador through the iNeverworry Academy. I was also mentored by Coach Kelly J "The Coaches Coach". 
I'm an author and Indie Publisher of "SO Publishing Co. LLC”, a speaker, a coach, a consultant, and a mentor to single black mamas. My books 📕 can be found on my website
Be Emotionally Committed to knowing the ONLY thing YOU control is YOUR response & reaction to things YOU have NO control over.

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