I’m Rickie.
What does it take to go from living your current life to living the life you’ve always dreamed of? 

Change. I’m on a mission to help people from all walks of life understand what I champion as a universal truth: harnessing the power of change begins with how we think. 

I am a fearless proponent of transformation that begins in the mind, and I inform those I coach, train, and speak to with my rich experience in learning to live an impactful life. Taking from years of my own evolution as a Tampa native, I demonstrate to people how to do so themselves by being the living example.

Whether you’re striving to kickstart a new career, looking for a way to get out of the rut you’ve been stuck in, or are on a journey of determining who you are-I want to show you how to silence the noise all around, push past whatever society has defined you as, and move into operating in your purpose.
  • 55/hr
  • 1-5 Years Experience
  • Certified
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Languages: English
Specializing in:

Career Transition


Personal Power


I Became a Life Coach

I know what it's like to hate the job you have, but to not have the confidence or the clarity to step into the career you want. 

I know what it feels like to be passed over and pushed over by people who don't see your value.

I know what it's like to allow this behavior because you don't see your own value.

This happens when our disappointments and setbacks define the book instead of just a chapter. At some point, I made the declaration that I wanted more out of life.

This didn't come without resistance. We can’t eliminate obstacles, but we can manage them more effectively. 

I am dedicated to empowering professionals to move past these obstacles, create a strategy of purpose alignment, and ultimately become vessels of sustainable impact in society. With a passion for community and 11 of recruiting industry experience, I knew that being a life coach would expand my ability to reach those lost individuals seeking support.

I will be the advocate. I will be the encourager. I will be the accountability.
The trials of life will inflict wounds. We choose how we wear the scars.

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