I’m Corretta.
After years of being a single mother, a student, making attempts at co-parenting, and maintaining relationships something was missing. God placed women in my life like Linda a Pro-life coach, who introduced me to Kathy who became my mentor, Marilyn who, I met at church became my accountability partner, and Emily my leadership coach and employer, it was at that moment that I knew it took a village. To represent my mom and serve as she did, I want to be part of your village to help you like I've been helped in my own life. I am a witness that it works. There is POWER in a changed mind and with the right "MINDSET", any "GOAL" is achievable.
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I Became a Life Coach

Life motivated me to help others; motherhood, single parenting, relationships, school and career, and all other things you can imagine.I’m one of those people that attract people who need to maneuver through a moment in life. Although I love helping others in “those moments” it also fulfilled something in me. What I love about coaching is that it allows me to be apart of something bigger than me while serving my community, I am someone’s support system. I know how important my accountability partner has been in my life and how we all need a non-judgmental shoulder to lean on and know we are held accountable. The more time I spend assisting others along their journey, the more compassionate and effective I become. The beauty of being a life coach is being able to be a witness to success in someone’s life.
A big part of contributing to the Village and creating a good life includes being of service to the success of others.

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