I’m Joann.
Meet Coach J,  your Personal & Professional Development Certified Life Coach & Support Strategist. With nearly two (2) decades of experience in Human Resources and an educational background in Psychology and a Master Degree in Business Administration, I've honed my skills working closely with leaders at all levels (from C Suites Executives to Front Line Managers) in various industries.

My passion lies in coaching, training, and developing individuals to be their best selves in life, career, and relationships. As a devoted wife of 17 years, mother of two (2) amazing kids and a Global HR leader in my career, I've embraced transformational leadership, recognizing the importance of mental, spiritual and emotional resilience in both personal and professional realms.

My journey to becoming a Certified Life Coach & Support Strategist stems from a deep desire to bridge the gap between professional success and personal fulfillment. I've observed many accomplished professionals lacking support in navigating toxic patterns that impact their personal lives and spill into their professional careers.

I'm here to guide you through self-awareness, self-introspection, self-love and self-care, drawing from my own journey of healing and personal development. Together, we'll turn your challenges into triumphs, uncovering the potential within you for a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Beyond coaching clients, I cherish quality family time, nature walks, traveling, cooking, reading, and community service. Originally a native born of Brooklyn, New York, I now call the DMV Metropolitan area home, enjoying life's simple pleasures with my husband and two (2) wonderful children (ages 11 and 12).

Let's embark on this transformative journey together, create a plan of action with implementation; by unlocking your inner strength, core values, and purpose. With warmth and enthusiasm, I'm here to empower you WIN.  

With open arms and gratitude, 
Coach J

Own Your Power. Redefine Your Truth. 
Beyond Coaching, LLC
Certified Professional Life Coach & Support Strategist

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I Became a Life Coach

I started living when I decided to let the past make me better, not bitter. I redefined my identity with healing, inner peace and joy. Pain is just a lesson once you heal.  All things work together for the good once you believe and are in alignment with the divine.

Everyone has a story to share, and I am committed to listen to yours, hold you accountable, and be a part of your healing, personal growth and transformation. 

What if you simply devoted this year to loving yourself more? Self-sabotage is real. Everything you need to overcome your circumstance and strongholds is already within “YOU”.  My past experiences sent me on a journey of personal development and growth, healing and wholeness. Cultivating and seeking a healthy relationship with yourself, and thriving to be the best healthy version of yourself is worth fighting for. Our most devastating and shameful and darkest moments can be the one that changes the trajectory of our lives. 

I would like to share my wisdom and journey with you. Personal development is necessary and impacts every area of your life. It's the key to living a purposeful and wholesome life.  I am a firm believer that for an individual to be fully transformed, live and experience meaningful relationships personally, the inner work and the process must first begin with "YOU".  The pursuit of human greatness and being the best healthy version of yourself is to "GROW through what you GO through".  Together, we can co-create a new mindset and transformation experience.
“There is no passion to be found playing small in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” - Nelson Mandela

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My Thoughts

Client Testimonials

“Coach J played a crucial role in elevating my resume to meet my needs. She assisted me in identifying my purpose and goals, enabling me to effectively communicate not only what was seeking in a job but also my aspirations in life. Her expertise extended beyond resume writing, as she guided me in aligning my life’s paths. If you’re looking to make a career transition, Coach J is the one to turn to, as she not only helps with resumes but also helps you realign your life.” ~ J Ivory

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Client Testimonials

“I reached out to Joann because I related to her background regarding calling off an engagement. At the time of seeking counseling I was in a sad state healing from an engagement I called off. I also related to Joann in a spiritual sense, as I am very spiritual & believe in God as well; so with that I knew she would be able to naturally provide the type of advice that could touch me on that level. I am typically a private person but I instantly connected to Joann & felt comfortable opening up to her. At times, I felt bad for rambling but she made it clear I was fine & she was all ears. It felt so good to release all of the baggage I had been carrying & have someone to truly listen to. Joann took notes & was able to make a connection with not only my love relationships but my work relationships as well. She provided homework at the end of each call which required self reflection & introspection to help discover hidden patterns that kept creating similar toxic cycles. I am so grateful for our sessions & have learned so much about myself. Thank you, Joann, for being a great listener, kind, patient, & honest.” ~K. Anderson

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Client Testimonials

“I’ve had a few coaching sessions with Coach J and I am already counting down the days until my next one. I feel extremely comfortable with her and she’s relatable to me. I can already feel my desire to want more increase. I know by the time I am done with her I will be stronger coming out than I was going on.” ~E. Berjuste

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Client Testimonials

“I decided to reach out to Joann based upon her past experience of being able to heal and become whole again after a heartbreaking life incident. I wanted to speak with someone who could empathize and relate to what I was going through and provide practical tips on how I could get to a place of wholeness. She made me feel comfortable enough to be completely honest and open about my experience. Her coaching has helped me to understand why I allowed myself to engage in a compromising relationship and challenged me to figure out who I am and to basically redefine myself moving forward. I look forward to future sessions and most importantly I look forward to peace and emotional freedom. Thanks!” ~N. Deadmon

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Client Testimonials

“My name is Joy Harris, when you come to terms with the fact that it’s time to book with a Life Coach, there’re a few attributes that I’d want her to have like being trustworthy, authentic, emotional intelligence, compassion, someone who doesn’t sugarcoat the truth but gives it to you straight, someone that loves seeing other women thriving and breaking past roadblocks and so much more, I will say that Coach J has all of these characteristics! And she is very passionate about your journey and will work with you to ensure the outcome you are after for your life. ~ Sincerely, Joy Harris”

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Client Testimonials

“Coach J’s intentional coaching approach creates a safe, yet defining, space for her clients. Her soothing voice and demeanor…her genuine love and dedication to the well-being of women…her skill set and expertise…all come together to form a unique and inclusive sisterhood that her clients thrive in. I have learned, been inspired, been comforted, been uplifted, and been transformed by the teachings, support, and safe spaces Coach J has cultivated.” ~ Mia George

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Client Testimonials

As a direct result of Coach J’s Life Coaching. I got serious about my personal health journey, including mental, physical and financial health. Her combined knowledge and practical tips on how to unpack lessons that we can learn from our past and her candor in identifying areas for improvement will help put you on a path to live your best life by turning your pain into purpose.

With Coach J, not only do you get a commensurate professional, but you also get a mentor who has walked the walk, she has done the deep inner work herself so she can definitely guide you on how to do it for yourself.

If you are looking to get unstuck, if you are looking to make a meaningful impact, if you are looking to become everything you were meant to , let Coach J help you on your journey and your future self will Thank you.”

Respectfully submitted by ~Carla Shelton

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Client Testimonials

“I believe Coach J has exactly what it takes to help you towards a transformative experience. Coach J has a remarkable ability to guide and support individuals on their personal development journey, providing invaluable insights and strategies for growth. She has a deep understanding of emotional healing and has helped women just like you navigate through various challenges with compassion and expertise. Her dedication and commitment to real progress is evident in every interaction, creating a safe space for you to explore self discovery and healing. You will not be disappointed. Your life will be changed.”
– Jaudane Ivory, aka, J Ivory Creative Director & Queen of Affirmations on Instagram –

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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonial:

“I booked a coaching session with Joann during a stressful time in my life. During my session I was able to openly vent and honestly talk about my experiences with no judgement. It was challenging at first for me not to focus on the least important stressor, but Joann listened and quickly redirected me to the more important issues at hand. That really helped me to refocus my thinking and complete the assignments that she gave to help me identify deep rooted issues and to work on moving toward my vision. Her follow-up emails were very timely and encouraging as I made progress to move forward during my time of stress.” – K. Coleman

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When your breakdown becomes your breakthrough

The art of self-love and healing takes time. It takes intentional practice and work, but most importantly, it takes LOVE. Please know that YOU will not HEAL by going back to what broke you. YOU owe it to yourself. You really do. So, take this time to believe in yourself and TRUST the process.

Self-Love and Healing creates a heart of gratitude, love, joy, peace and, yes, even forgiveness. Love is the foundation, reason and response to why we get up and do what we do daily. Self-Love and Healing is about finding peace from within. With that being said, I strongly encourage you to celebrate the small wins in your life, and work on being in love with the person in the mirror who has been through so much but is still standing.

At this moment, your greatest responsibility is to love yourself and to know that YOU are ENOUGH. So, for once, believe and take a bet on yourself and choose to invest in YOU. Your time is NOW! Everything from this day forward, begins and ends with YOU. Take full responsibility of your life and make this opportunity a reality.


Your #1 Self-Love & Healing Coach

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