I’m Corretta.
I'm a resilient mom who's navigated the challenges of parenting, embraced leadership roles at work, and understands the significance of mentorship and accountability. Inspired by the support I've received, I'm passionate about being a pillar for others, fostering growth, and promoting the power of mentorship and community. Let's journey together towards success!. There is POWER in a changed mind and with the right "MINDSET", any "GOAL" is achievable.
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I Became a Life Coach

Life motivated me to help others; motherhood, single parenting, relationships, school and career, and all other things you can imagine.I’m one of those people that attract people who need to maneuver through a moment in life. Although I love helping others in “those moments” it also fulfilled something in me. What I love about coaching is that it allows me to be apart of something bigger than me while serving my community, I am someone’s support system. I know how important my accountability partner has been in my life and how we all need a non-judgmental shoulder to lean on and know we are held accountable. The more time I spend assisting others along their journey, the more compassionate and effective I become. The beauty of being a life coach is being able to be a witness to success in someone’s life.
A big part of contributing to the Village and creating a good life includes being of service to the success of others.

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My Thoughts


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CHARACTER: The Key to Empowering Your Best Self

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BC BC A A E D D ( )

MINDSET: Empowering Your Best Self with Corretta

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