I coach relationship, finances, and parenting. Successful relationships are highly sought after and very elusive. While it's true that men put forth less effort to make the relationship work than women. They do desire to be married and committed. If a woman carry herself right, and use her words right, her man will propose. If she doesn't, then he'll do like a bee. Get all the pollen you give him, then move on to the next flower.  If you don't learn what to do and say, the guys in your life will be your relationship bookends. They'll communicate and do well in the beginning, then stonewall, lose interest, and move on in the end. It's all about what you do in the middle. 

Finances affects every area of your life. It can cause headaches, frustrations, and depression. It can prevent you from providing for your family. Negatively affect your credit scores. Keep you from getting the basic things you need (like a car), or desire ( like a house). It's the reason some women get in relationships. It's also the reason some relationships work, and others fail. While it's true that most people weren't taught how to manage finances early on in their lives, it's not to late to learn. I do credit repair, teach debt elimination, and how to transform your debt to wealth. All while using your current income. 

Parenting: My mother died when I was 8, and my father when I was 21. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. I now know and am not afraid to say that It was The Lord who watched over and taught me during my tremendously trying times, and continues until this very day. Here are some things to know. Raising your children isn't about just getting them to the age of 18. It's about teaching them how to be responsible and successful adults, in their life and their relationships. Did you know your children aren't considered mentally matured (life skilled) until they're approximately 31 years of age. Yet we should teach them to be in their own place by age 21. Are you dismayed trying to navigate your teenager's life. Kids of a toxic or failed relationship tend to get in trouble or rebel while growing up, if their fathers weren't effectively involved in their lives. I'll help you accomplish anything you desire by helping you create the mindset you need. Sign up today and lets get started.       

I'm the C.E.0. of Top Level Love and Education. Blacks To The Future (a non profit). The author of 8 Mistakes A Woman Makes In Relationships {A Woman's Guide To Getting It Right}, Unequally Yoked {Why My Relationships Keep Failing}. And The Man Book
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I Became a Life Coach

In my many years of coaching, I've seen so many people struggle with relationships, finances, and parenting. My passion is people. I became a coach to help people understand how to become and remain victorious in those areas of their lives.
Teachers help you learn. Coaches help you do.

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