I’m David.
My name is David Burroughs II, known to many as "DAVID 2.0" (or "Deuce Dot"), an interdisciplinary creative, Tony Gaskins certified life coach, and father of three. I am one who knows firsthand the struggles that live in the space between personal and business development. I consider myself blessed to have persevered through some of Life's greatest struggles and survived to empower others with my story. I've lived an interesting life, to say the least, having accumulated over 15 years of real-life mastery in the area of self-transformation.

One of the hardest struggles I've faced was rebuilding my life after the dissolution of a 14-year marriage. As a hopeless romantic, divorce was never something I thought I'd encounter. But after years of toxic love, therapy, and personal development, I gained the courage to choose my self-respect over self-deprecation. I chose to turn my mess into a Message and my failures into a new Future. I was certified as a life coach and positioned myself to help others transform their lives both in life and solopreneurship. I witnessed myself become for some what I wished someone would have been for me in darker times. I became the possibility of Hope, humbled by the clients that the universe sent my way. Some say that I'm too young to understand the things that I do. Others say that I must be "from the Future". Either way, I truly believe that this is God's work for my life.

I've worked with individuals from every walk of life - entrepreneurs, musicians, ministers, coaches, and more. What makes me an ideal coach is a powerful listening and capacity for quantum thinking. Whatever your challenges, I am confident that we will uncover the keys to your personal Success together. In our sessions, we will dive deep to uncover what is needed to create the best version of you for whatever challenges you face. My services are perfect for gaining insight into persistent life challenges, exploring interpersonal relationships, rediscovering one's Purpose, and personal brand strategy. From designing a brand to designing a life, save yourself some time, energy, and money by booking a session today!

For more information on me or my brand, Dear Future Self™, please visit or search "DearFutureSelf.Coach" on Instagram and Facebook.
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I Became a Life Coach

I'm here to share my life experience with others on similar paths; the 20 to 40-somethings that find themselves in need of reinvention and rebranding. I want to empower YOU to make powerful choices, create new possibilities, and fulfill on your God-given passions. It's time to make the Future possible again. Let's work!
The Future is yours, should you choose to create it.

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