I’m Joy.
As a former lawyer turned life coach/adviser, grief specialist, and film producer, I have crossed a soul-crushing and unexpected journey that turned my life around. After four years of working full-time while attending school at night, exhilarated in my life of hob-nobbing with celebrities on weekends and at work events, I graduated law school into the Great Recession of 2008. Though life seemed promising with the potential of great  success spread before me, reality delivered me anything but that. When I entered the workforce all companies were laying off their current lawyers, and NO ONE was hiring new ones. So, freshly minted with my law degree and a ton of debt that I suddenly had no way to repay, nearly overnight I found myself chronically unemployed, under-employed, or "overqualified" and mostly without ends, let alone the ability to make ends meet! I spent a good deal of time on and off food stamps and welfare - WHILE WORKING - and feeling helpless and dejected, watching silently as the life I had worked so hard to create simply disintegrated into a pile of nothing, taking my mind, self-esteem, and confidence along with it. I lost my job, my home, my career, my network, my potential professional and social status, my dignity, and things I didn't even have yet. It was a dark time that led me to some dark places of grief and despair. 

To further add sorrow to the heartache of this time, the (much needed) break-up of a three-year off-and-on abusive relationship left me exhausted, depressed, anxious, and feeling damaged. Additionally, my family and I stopped talking, "friends" turned their backs on me blaming me for the uncontrollable events ruining my life and their access to my interpersonal resources, my physical health began failing with several systems starting to shut down, and my mental health was on the brink of complete annihilation. In short, everything about me was fully dysfunctional.

Naturally, I sought help in the usual places - church, therapy, sex, drugs. Then... spiritual centers, mantras, mindset training, and "natural" medicines. And, naturally, none of it worked. It wasn't until I faced reality (that this was happening and no one but me could get me out of it), accepted the truth (that life as I knew it was over and never coming back), surrendered (to the demand of that moment on my soul), and found a practice of radical self-care that I began healing and found freedom from overwhelming pain. 

One thing I have learned is that, despite our best efforts, despite our "positive thinking", despite our affirmations, mantras, and prayers, LIFE can - and does - "happen" to the best of us.
So... No judgement here. 
Only unstuck and forward...
I'm honored to serve you.
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I Became a Life Coach

After a sudden thrust into personal and spiritual crises that ripped apart the fibers of my life and my understanding, I had to start over. But losing everything I had, relationships with many people I considered friends, my home, my confidence, and all my reasons to go on, revealed to me more than I knew ever existed. On that (UN-requested) transformative healing path, I discovered a call in my life to educate and help people heal from the hurt, grief, trauma, and confusion that can sometimes come out of nowhere and paralyze every aspect of our life. I coach to help others heal and find understanding, self-compassion, self-forgiveness and love. I coach to share what I've learned so you don't have to. I coach to help you turn your pain and anguish into growth for a life of fulfillment, purpose, freedom, and joy.
You can know JOY and PEACE again 
...but nothing hidden can heal...

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