I’m Heather.
I'm originally from NYC.  I recently moved to Dallas, TX. I obtained my Master’s (MS) in Healthcare Leadership from Rutgers University in 2016. I’ve had my share of wins and losses in all aspects of life. Came out of it all with a calling to teach others that they too can come out on the other side of pain, stand in their truth, power, purpose, passion and live their best life unapologetically! Empowering you through a 360-degree healing process that is warm, safe, private & customized to you whether you choose a 1 on 1 or a group session/program. Helping you to break unwanted habits & transform your life to the way you imagine it or better (even if you don’t know where that is right now) because - YOU MATTER! YOU’RE MORE THAN ENOUGH! YOU’RE MAGNIFICENT! Most importantly - YOU’RE WORTH INVESTING IN YOURSELF!

Know that all your goals & visions are achievable no matter how big or small they are. By working together, we can ease the pressure of any toxic attachments in your life or situations you are going through.

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I Became a Life Coach

For the love of helping people! I want to help folks win in life! Every step, no matter how big or small, I thrive when I am able to motivate others!  It is such a rewarding experience when someone you have helped begins to see their life improve. It is a fact that we all have the potential to be winners in our own lives and within our own means, but when you can be confident in that you are surviving the losses as well, you are more empowered than ever. We can accomplish what we want if we choose to dedicate ourselves to ourselves  We are not victims.  We may have come from lack, but we don't have to stay in a state of mind of lack mentality.  Ultimately, sticking to your personal journey, you will  break generational curses and break the chains that hold you back.  You haven't lived until you live your life in a state of mind where you are feeling motivated, self-sufficient, strong, empowered knowing that you can absolutely succeed at anything you put your mind too.  

Learn how to believe in living your life "ABUNDANTLY" and that we all can have it. Book your $45 "Get Clarity" call today!
Certified & Intuitive: Empowerment Life Coach/Master Reiki Healer/Fluent in other Holistic Modalities to offer a 360-healing process. It just begins with your dedication to your journey and discovery to gain a tremendous amount of self-love!  Book a $25 “Get Clarity Call” today!

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My Thoughts



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In The Mirror

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HEALING… is not about putting a band-aid on it. It’s about getting to the root to understand. Then we turn all of that into fuel

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