I’m Walter.
Each of us are seeking love and support throughout our life’s journey. We endure daily ups and downs on a path to a better life and future. I, myself, have been on this same journey with the goal of finding love and support for myself, but also on a mission to share what I’ve learned with others! I became a life coach (and mental health therapist) for this reason. After facing my own fears and traumas (which is ongoing), I’ve been reminded of grace and mercy at every turn. In your coaching sessions with me, my goal is to make your experience positive and productive, yet engaging, authentic, exclusive and life changing. We all have what we need inside of us, it’s just a matter of unveiling those very things that are rooted in our hearts. Allow me the privilege to journey with you as I aim to challenge your thinking in hopes of positively impacting your body and uplifting your spirit by being your life coach. *If you decide to book with me, hours listed may not reflect accurately, please email me at: to check availability or you can view openings here:*
  • 200/hr
  • 5-10 Years Experience
  • Certified
  • Audio Sessions
  • Video Sessions
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I Became a Life Coach

I became a coach because I love to be that person on your shoulder who reminds you of your worth, who helps hold you accountable, and to cheer you on your journey of restructuring your thoughts in order to positively impact the body and uplift the spirit. Because of the gain from my pain, I’ve learned to forgive, embrace the moment and positively grow, therefore I strive to help others do the same and beyond. *If you decide to book with me, hours listed may not reflect accurately, please email me at: to check availability or you can view openings here:*
If you can meet triumph and disaster and treat those two imposters just the same

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