I’m Tamika.
I proudly assume the role of your coach as I consider myself a perpetual student of life. Having weathered numerous storms, these experiences have uniquely equipped me to uplift others. My confidence stems from the belief that my life journey has uniquely positioned me to guide individuals through life's challenges.

My innate gift of mother wit, coupled with the wisdom gained from overcoming personal adversities such as divorce, displacement, and financial struggles, has propelled me towards accountability, progress, and success.

In my philosophy, failure is an authentic prerequisite for success. As Winston Churchill aptly stated, "Success is the ability to go from one failure to another without the loss of enthusiasm." This resonates deeply with me, reinforcing my commitment to being your coach—a personal sounding board, advocate, and accountability partner in your pursuit of progress.

My mission and vision are centered on building a reliable coaching relationship with you throughout all seasons of life. I am fervently dedicated to advocating for your liberation from life's challenges, focusing on empowerment in matters of Life, Self-Love, and Emotional Intelligence.

Many are unaware of how they present themselves in the world, and I am prepared to take a deep dive with you in understanding how and why we may have veered off course.

Let us embark on a journey of renewing our hearts and minds organically, one step at a time.

Organically me, Tamika
  • 50/hr
  • 5-10 Years Experience
  • Certified
  • Audio Sessions
Languages: English
Specializing in:

Emotional Intelligence


Self Love


I Became a Life Coach

The reason behind my decision to become a Life Coach is rooted in my intentional drive to serve as a catalyst for relational wholeness and happiness. I firmly believe that life experiences are neither right nor wrong, but valuable lessons. In my perspective, failure is a crucial prerequisite for achieving success.

I hold a strong belief in the notion that "the blessing is to know." Even adverse news can be a blessing, as awareness serves as a divine nudge for personal growth. It provides opportunities for us to unlearn, relearn, and discern anew, contributing to our overall development.

My passion lies in assisting clients in becoming healthy, wealthy, and wise through practical applications, emphasizing the transformative potential embedded in each life experience.

Best regards!
“Life Coaching: Providing Authentic Compassion, Wisdom, & Encouragement for Forward Movement”

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My Thoughts


Reflections on Toxic Relationships-A Lesson from Humpty Dumpty

In contemplating the intricacies of love and relationships, I am compelled to share a lesson through the lens of the Humpty Dumpty story—acknowledging the inevitability of failure and the valuable lessons to extract from it.

If the person with whom you share a relationship is entangled in toxicity, it necessitates a profound honesty with oneself about the choices made moving forward. While the desire to salvage the relationship is understandable, it is crucial to recognize the limits of trial and error within reason. Following any fall, the journey toward personal growth becomes paramount to become the highest version of oneself.

Investing time and effort in self-knowledge fosters confidence and cultivates an enriched, abundant mindset, firmly grounded in an understanding of one’s worth. This elevated perspective influences decision-making, making future choices resoundingly clear. In unequivocal terms, toxicity is deemed unacceptable.

Acknowledging the seemingly irrational attachment to toxic relationships, it is a stark reality that many are ensnared by the shortcomings of those they profess to love. This often stems from a failure to work on personal growth, mirroring the narrative of Humpty Dumpty—a character who, after a great fall, could not be restored by all the King’s Horsemen and Kingsmen.

The lesson here is clear: by refusing to address our individual issues and hold our partners accountable, we perpetuate suffering. The narrative of Humpty Dumpty serves as a cautionary tale, urging us to learn from our falls and break the cycle of perpetuating brokenness, which, in turn, impacts not only our relationships but extends its reach to families and communities.

Organically me, Tamika

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“Grown Boys/Girls Are Like Fool’s Gold”

I believe that men and women don’t truly understand or know who
women and men are at their core.
A lot of us haven’t been raised, some have just grown because of many
dynamics in our communities.
You cannot give what you’ve never had or even seen modeled.
Therefore, you will not be equipped with an organic perspective on our
respective roles which is, where I believe the disconnect begins.
I believe that the root of our problem is our relationship spiritually.
Many are operating in a sea of emotional brokenness, and insecurities
that has left us fractured leading to hurt, deception, and disappointment!
Hence, your “Prince Charming” or that rare “Gem Of A Woman”
you thought you had found turned out to be “Fool’s Gold”!
A counterfeit, unauthenticated.. not organic!

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“Life Is What You Make It.. so make it Authentic”

Life consists of peaks and valleys! Some would say, ups and downs.
I say.. it’s the ebb and flow of life’s experiences!
These are opportunities for us to growth, fail, and ultimately succeed!
We wholeheartedly try to avoid failures.
I believe that failure is a prerequisite for success.
We must pay close attention to our true motives,
which 9 times out of 10 leads to our decisions.
If, when life happens.. fall back and recognize that
God is always present even in the midst of adversity!

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“The Difference Between Most People and The Wealthy Is Applied Knowledge”

I’m a passionate licensed professional!
A life coach advocate that is very ambitious about empowering
individuals on the importance of properly building a solid Financial Foundation!
My own life experiences, the lack of knowledge on properly planning have
equipped me to be instrumental in others lives.
We will not be prepared, if we don’t learn how to or start implementing protection
for many of life’s unforeseeable circumstances.
I was very fortunate to embark on this journey for myself!
I have a love for people, which is why, I wanted to assist families in
avoiding some of the pitfalls I’ve experienced!
We’ve all heard the saying.. “it’s better to be safe than sorry” but, many
of us take this awareness for granted.
It is my utmost passion and concern to be the bell ringer. An advocate to share
tools that we may all design a better tomorrow!

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“Women And Men Are The Same In Difference”

It is my belief that men and women can have an organic relationship.

When we do the work of self love to become love towards one another.

Only then, will we begin to understand, who we are in our respective masculine

and feminine roles can we begin to heal our relationships, families, and communities!

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