I’m Shantele.
I've realized God has blessed me to see more days than I deserve. Toxic situations can absorb all of our energy, livelihood, and joy. Most of all, toxic situations takes your identity. After my 2nd divorce, I didn't know who I was anymore. It has taken a lot of what I call, 'reprogramming' of myself to stop a lot of the negative thought processes I had. It takes a daily effort.
How to deal with toxic people does not happen overnight when you're covered in 'mess'. I speak to you from life experiences of divorce, abuse, and struggles with self-love, and sexual dysfunction.

Love yourself enough to become a better person

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I Became a Life Coach

As an abuse survivor, it was hard to express the pain and hurt I felt. Old school understanding of abuse did not include mental or emotional abuse, and toxic relationships, as it does now. I found it hard to find someone to relate to the ordeals that I've gone through. Therefore, I kept my feelings bottled up. Contrary to the kid's rhyme, "Sticks and Stones". Well, words do hurt, and words can haunt you. 

I became a Life Coach to learn how to listen to your heart. When you've been in unhealthy relationships, it is hard to trust someone with your heart again. If you have been sexually abused, it may not be easy identifying your sexual side without feeling guilty, or unfulfilled. Believe me, I've been there, with each situation. In coaching others, I have been blessed to see people change and grow stronger. It is a true blessing.
Love yourself enough to become a better person. It may not be easy, but it will be worth the effort!

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