I’m Hannah.
As the seventh child among nine children, I grew up on the South side of Chicago. Despite all odds, I made a choice to be an example for my younger siblings and sought education with a passion. I became a first generation college graduate from an Associates of Arts degree to Masters of Science degree. If I did it, then I know anyone can with motivation and purpose.

I'm currently a teacher, who motivates and inspires students to want more out of life while excelling in their studies. I’m finding that the greatest students teach what they have learned and this is why I’m here. I want to help others fulfill educational goals and find their voice/purpose in life to become the ultimate versions of themselves.

As your professional academic-life coach, you will not be in it alone! I will strive to give your mind/body/soul the healthy support and knowledge you need to accomplish your goals to a better life. Your first step was showing up now let's play full out and begin this journey of success!
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I Became a Life Coach

With every action I take, I believe in challenging the ordinary way of thinking. I believe in thinking differently by identifying new and better ways of accomplishing educational and successful self goals sooner than later. The way I add value to my services is by empowering each client to identify their "why" or motivation to help develop effective methods towards achieving their goals which will in turn flips a switch from an ordinary mindset to extraordinary mindset. All my clients feel comfortable to express their concerns and fears in their journey. And I happen to be a great listener and speak great wisdom to all my clients with their goals in mind. Book a session with Hannah and reach your goals! 
"Knowledge isn't power, but it has the potential to become powerful with the right motivations, mindset, and methods"
“Few of us can do great things; but all of us can do small things with great love” 
-Mother Teresa

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My Thoughts


I Am Great

“You have greatness inside you, it’s time for you to apply force and let it out.”-Hannah Scott

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