I’m Dr. Shelia.
Dr. Shelia McGrew is an ordained minister, author and life coach with 20 years of experience in faith building and life empowerment. She understands the ups and downs of the single life, ministry, childcare and caring for aging parents. She loves to encourage others to embrace the struggles of life by maintaining a healthy balance in mind, body, and spirit.  Her radio program and Facebook live show, PrayerTime w/ Dr. Shelia, uplifts thousands on a weekly basis. Most of all, she is passionate about living life abundantly!  Please contact her to set up an appointment.
Coaching in the areas of: 
•	Child/Teen Coaching
•	Elder/Adult Caregiver Coaching
•	Empowerment/Encouragement Coaching
•	Single Women/Singles Ministry Coaching
•	Disabilities/Specials Needs Coaching
•	Spiritual Leadership & Accountability 
•	Building Ministry Coaching

For Life Coaching
Book: The Calm In The Chaos
  • 50/hr
  • 10+ Years Experience
  • Certified
  • Audio Sessions
  • Video Sessions
Languages: English
Specializing in:

Aging Parents




I Became a Life Coach

The reason I became a Life Coach is very simple... I love people.   In a perfect world, everyone would have positive men and women who speak life into the lives of others .  Unfortunately, finding people who are positive, passionate, and genuinely sincere in helping others become the best person they can be, can be a daunting task.  For years, I've had so many people come to me for advice, a listening ear or just to be around a positive vibe. It gives me joy to be that sounding board; that little nudge that could possibly catapult a person into making their dreams reality. I feel that growth will flourish on both sides. Each client that books a session will have an opportunity to speak freely without criticism or judgement but with encouragement and support.  Together we will explore the paths of progression and see what the future will hold.  I became a Life Coach to help aid in that process.
All things happen for a reason...hindsight develops foresight!

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My Thoughts

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