I’m Teddy.
Growing up in the small town of Tyler, Texas, I would see so many things as I watched TV that I believed were well beyond anything that I could ever hope to achieve. Little did I know that, through faith and an unmatched work ethic, anything in life is possible. I get great joy out of conversing with others about chasing greatness and challenging them to become the best version of themselves. Throughout my athletic career I would joke with the nurses conducting my physical. When asked if I was allergic to anything, my response would be "I'M ALLERGIC TO FAILURE." You have to eat, drink, and sleep success as you are on your path to greatness; I'm just here to give you the ingredients to the recipe.
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Athlete Life Coach




I Became a Life Coach

Even as a 4x All American sprinter and having an 8 year NFL career, I would always ask myself "What is your purpose?" We are all put on this earth for a reason. Throughout all of my trials and tribulations in life, I learned that my purpose is to make others smile. No matter if it is through my sense of humor, or by simply motivating someone to chase their goals in life. We are all capable of achieving greatness in our own individual lives. The million dollar question is: "Are you willing to take the proper steps in life to get there?"
Work To Be Average...Hurt To Be A Champion

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