I’m Tamara.
I am Mother, Educator, Athletic Coach, Certified Life Coach, and a servant chasing after God’s heart.  I have made many mistakes doing things my way instead of God’s way. Which, has taught me several valuable lessons of how to control the way I respond to situations, exert power of choice, accept consequences.

I have overcome and healed from the pain of experiencing Death of a Sibling, Low Self- Esteem, Living life with a STD, Controlling and Mental Abuse in Relationship, Divorce and Depression. I completely understand being strong through the silent pain, crying behind closed doors, and fighting battles nobody knows about while still smiling.  

My job as a Life Coach is to build a relationship that will empower you to navigate, overcome, and strive to heal, becoming a better version of yourself. Supporting you in identifying your gift to live an abundant life you are destined for.
  • 25/hr
  • 5-10 Years Experience
  • Certified
  • Audio Sessions
  • Video Sessions
Languages: English
Specializing in:



Self Love


I Became a Life Coach

I am here to help you find purpose in your life.  I focus on finding true purpose and then learning how to thrive in purpose living. Doing what I wanted to do chasing money has cost me time and energy that can’t be returned. I then decided to ask God to reveal my purpose, and allow me to help others while serving in my purpose. I am here to serve, listen, and inspire you to work in your purpose.
Your Life, Your Focus

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My Thoughts


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