I’m Coach Krystal.
Hello! I am a certified Visibility Coach through Tony Gaskins' Academy and through Kingdomprenuer Business Institute by Dr. Shirley Clark. I am a preacher, speaker, podcaster, media host, of "Made to Lead Millions" Coaching hub. I am Seven-Time Amazon International Best-Selling author of "Made to Lead Millions", "The Elements of You", and co-author in "Jumpstart your Mind", "Let the Kingdomprenuer Speak", Success Chronicles Vol.1", "Called to Intercede Vol 1.", "Called to Lead", "Made to Lead Millions Mandate", "All the Preachers Wives", "No More Breadcrumbs, Sis!" and "Vibrations of Broken Silence." I have survived many obstacles and these adversities led me to my God ordained purpose. My purpose is to ignite, empower, encourage, and equip you through the vicissitudes of life. It's my Business to help your WHAT-IF's become your WHAT-IS! Get connected, purchase books, online courses, merchandise, group coaching packages, book me for speaking engagements, TV, radio, podcasts and much more at
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I Became a Life Coach

Krystal Henry overcame years of oppression, suppression, and micro-aggressions under the glass ceilings of Corporate America and broke her silence after being muzzled in ministry. Her momentum began to propel after she took the plunge and invested in a coach to improve her destiny. A vortex of abundance released a new mindset, magazines, billboards, blogs, and book opportunities, which led her to become a six-time Amazon Best Selling Author, Publisher, Podcaster, Media Host, Speaker, Visibility Coach, Anthologist, Clubhouse Host, and creator of “Made To Lead Millions” a multi-dimensional coaching hub developed for a diverse clientele offering solutions and strategies birthed from her leadership book by the same name. Passion and purpose became more “Krystal” clear as she helped transform executives, phenomenal entrepreneurs, millionaires, ministerial leaders and certify coaches “from their What if,” to their “What is!” Prepare for transformation as you read “Made to Lead Millions,” “Made to Lead Millions Mandate,” “Let the Kingdomprenuer Speak,” “The Elements of You,” and “All the Preachers Wives.” Tremendous opportunities are available for you to connect with Coach Krystal at
You can't quit on your own story, it's time for you to move from "What If?" to "What Is!"
Krystal Henry

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