I’m Nattasha.
Nattasha Bogdanova is an ordained interfaith minister and a certified health coach. 

Nattasha’s coaching philosophy has been shaped by her personal healing journey she embarked on 20 years ago, having realized that the traditional societal values of money and power, practiced in the corporate and medical worlds, do not support health and happiness. Faced with a challenging medical diagnosis, she developed a strong passion for figuring out a way to her optimal wellness.

Being on this quest inspired Nattasha to share her knowledge and experience with others. When working with clients, she believes in a holistic, compassionate approach. She has a lot of appreciation for how unique the healing journey is for each of us, and at the same time, how unanimous the desire to be happy and healthy is for all of us. 

Nattasha works with clients in one-on-one sessions and workshops.
  • 40/hr
  • 5-10 Years Experience
  • Certified
  • Audio Sessions
  • Video Sessions
Languages: English
Specializing in:



Health & Wellness


I Became a Life Coach

There is nothing more fulfilling than helping others find their way when they feel lost. Most of the time, we all know what needs to be done. It is the authentic, careful support of others that makes all the difference.
"The only way out is through." - Dante

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