Coaching International Clients

Your reach is global. Many clients who use MyMentor live outside of the USA. We are soon to add coaches who are outside the USA as well. Some phone numbers in the Caribbean Islands look like US numbers. Some clients from Europe and Africa only enter the part of the number that is recognizable in the USA. We are adding a field for clients to enter their country. Pay close attention to that detail going forward.

Cheapest ways to coach an international client?

  • Whatsapp (audio)
  • Skype (audio)
  • FaceTime (audio)

Most international clients have WhatsApp. If you don’t know what it is, it’s an app you can download on your smartphone and it allows you to call people locally and internationally via audio or video, for free.

Skype works the same way.

FaceTime is on the iPhone, and it works over Wifi and is free of charge if you’re using Wifi and have unlimited data. If you don’t have unlimited data or wifi, don’t use FaceTime Audio.

Our top recommendation is WhatsApp because it’s usable across different mobile phones, it’s free, and most international clients have it.

Once you notice that your client is in another country, please email them and ask if they have WhatsApp. If the client doesn’t have WhatsApp, please request that he or she downloads the app and let them know that it is free.

Hopefully, this helps you as you’re expanding your brand across country lines.

Happy Coaching!