Collect Stones & Build Castles

I can recall an incident a few months back when a woman felt threatened by me, so she started listing all of my past mistakes. She listed out the limited things she knew about me including my children by two different fathers, both of those relationships being failed marriages, and a few other things she felt she knew from stalking me on social media. I was not sure how her listing these things helped her to feel better about herself, but she was obviously speaking from an insecurity. She went on to talk about how I could not be that great of a person due to the mistakes I had made previously. I remember thinking to myself, she doesn’t even know me or the reasons behind some of those situations and I started to become defensive. I had to step back and look at why I let her opinions of who I was bother me. I had already grown as a person and learned from my experiences. I then realized that people often find it easier to take their pain out on others rather than facing their own imperfections and healing. I also remember smiling to myself as I thought, if I am so flawed and you are STILL jealous of me, I must be something short of AMAZING!


I knew for me to walk in my purpose, I had to open up my life completely. No more hiding what I endured, no more shame in my strength. In 2017 I put the seed in the ground and began expecting to reap a harvest. Even in the midst of disappointments, I produced moves in my nursing career, I became a better mother and co-parent, but most important, God helped me to build a better relationship with Him. Finally, in 2020 with the help of my best friend I launched my own business Healthy Co-Parenting LLC. Through this outlet I can help others get through the same hurdles I faced without as many bruises. I want to tell my entire story in all its ugly truth, I want to inspire someone. I want to tell my story and help keep someone from overdosing on pills or just letting go of the steering wheel and give up on life. To stop that mother or that father from walking away and giving up hope in the midst of the storm. Use me to give a child a healthy visit that encompasses the love and support they need. I pray for everyone trying to heal from things they don’t dare discuss. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! YOU CAN GET THROUGH IT!

You may not understand it, even if it was meant for bad God can turn it around and use it for your good! Genesis 50:20 says You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” PLEASE do not lose hope, it’s so easy to do.


-Miss Kris

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