Have you showed real commitment to your goals and dreams? Read this and find out!

Time isn’t stopping for anyone. I had to ask myself have the goals I set at the beginning of the year been progressing, accomplished, or have I just forgotten about them. Did the goals I set just not work out or did I just give up on them? Have I been committed or have I been playing?

A lot of times when people think about committing to something they automatically think about relationships. When in reality commitment is more than just about relationships. We commit to different things and being that everyone tends to be on different journeys of life we are committing to things on various levels.

To be committed to anything means to be wholeheartedly dedicated and faithful. To be faithful is to be true and devoted. This is no time for a vocabulary lesson I know, but sometimes we tend to forget what it means to be committed. We have all of these ideas and hopes and dreams, but don’t have in it us to give it 100%. I’ve found that the beginning of the year is when we set the highest expectations for ourselves when we should set those expectations every day.

We get halfway through the year and find out that we haven’t been committed to the things that we’ve talked about doing or even prayed about and wonder why at the end of the year we come up short. I had to check myself on my commitment levels not just to others, but to myself.

If you want your own business, do you have a business plan and are you perfecting that craft daily? If your goal is to be a professional athlete are you committing to training even on off days, are you studying other athlete’s techniques and old playbooks? If you want to go to college are you planning properly for it and learning time management. Whatever your goals are, can you be committed and stay committed? The majority of the times when I’m off my game it’s because I’m either giving half of myself or not being committed at all. Not being faithful to yourself has everything to do with coming up short majority of the times. When you are committed it is sacrifice and determination, but it’s all up to you how bad do you want it?

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