Common sense Covid -19 Tips

Be safe!

Covid 19 Safety Tips

Wash your hands when you come inside for at least 20 seconds.

Put hand sanitizer on after interaction with drive thru staff or picking up take out orders.

Keep that 6 feet of distance between you and others.

After pumping gas apply hand sanitizer.

Take your work shoes off and leave them in a plastic bag in your car.

Leave all shoes at your door.

Wash uniforms separate from other laundry.

Mop your floors at least twice a week.

After coming inside take a bath or shower.

Don’t rub your face or eyes when outside.

If you have to sneeze, sneeze into your arm.

Keep your hands moisturized to prevent cracks that will cause germs to get in.

Wear a mask when out if you have one.

These tips can not only keep you safe but others as well. 


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