Compassion is the Fountain of Forgiveness. -yogi

How strange that Nature does not knock, and yet does not intrude! -Emily Dickerson

The beauty of the soul is constant, continuous and endless.  -yogi

In my experience when you love those individuals you let into your personal space from the heart, just by being your natural flowing self, they already know who you are in spirit and in truth.  And when you let them in you’ve gotta be mindful of what value you may bring to one another.  Doesn’t matter the types of relationships they are.  I like the interactive ones.  You give, you receive.  You receive, you give.  And I’m not talking about material things.  We all bring some value to the table.  But when you know who you are makes a huge difference.  Because once you open the door to all you have been kind, generous and loyal too, after time, if your not careful you will be taken for granted.  They may take advantage of you.  Still your creative work.  And not credit you for it.  They may say inappropriate things as if they are in charge of you.  And when they discover your weakness they will tempt you if your not strong.  I’ve never been a stupid individual, but I have always believed that we can do better when we know better.  So in those relationships, I have always been kind, generous and loyal.   Because that’s how I expect to be treated.  Don’t expect something you can’t give.  Leave it alone.  The point I’m trying to raise at this particular time in all of our lives is, do what you gotta do, to get right with yourselves.  The time is available to us now.  Take advantage of that.  I’m here to help if you need me.  Hey book a session with me.  I’ll be glad to help you help yourself.  Peace and love everybody.

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