An aspect of confidence based on my observations and learning. I hope this helps and you find it interesting.

What is confidence to you? How do you know you have it? Is confidence the same thing as arrogance? If someone is confident; do they feel fear? When we look at confidence from the contexts of questions like these, it becomes natural to look at ourselves, question our confidence level and look at others with the same lenses. Confidence can be the concept of faith in ones life; not necessarily at all a religious faith, not discounting that either; but a faith that “I may not know now, but if I wonder about it I will figure it out”. Maybe confident people are resilient people as well: “this is hard but I know I can endure.. I have endured hardships in my life..”. Arrogance seems the lack of confidence in that “I am better than you.. I must win or beat you no matter what..”. Confident people want others to succeed, not at their expense but willing to help others: “If you win.. it doesn’t mean that I lose”. An element of confidence is having confidence inducing narratives: self talk that points to values based achievement. Relating to losses differently. Confidence can be learned and earned.

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