Confidence allows you to experience freedomConfidence makes you more willing to take smart risks and move outside your comfort zone. I haven’t always been confident. However, I decided to live the life I always dreamed about. I followed my gift of helping others. After earning my Master’s in Human Resource Management and working in the field, I was not happy. I was always stressed. When I decided to teach so many people doubted me, which made me doubt changing careers. Teaching is not the most lucrative career. However, I wanted to help people. My first quarter of teaching I was thinking I had made the biggest mistake of my life. The second quarter I realized how much my students had learned from me and about me. That was my motivation and confidence building point. The rest of the year was the best experience. This is year 8 for me in education. Administrators have asked me if I thought about becoming a counselor. I answered no. I’m confident that I am more effective in the classroom impacting 120 students a year than just the 50 or so in an office. I said all that to say once you gain confidence in everything you do, you have freedom. Take the risk of following your dream. 

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