Conquering Chaos

I will never promise to fix all problems, but I can promise you will never have to face them alone!

As the world goes into panic in regards to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, I want to encourage everyone to have a peaceful mind and calm spirit. It is human nature to go into fear as a part of our natural fight or flight response to the unknown outbreak of this contagious virus that has consumed the worlds attention. However, we must face every obstacle and rise above it. Strengthening the mind will help continue livelihood and not just survive the day.  I want to share with you some in house activities to help encourage mindfulness routines into your lifestyle and/or family:

Quarantine Survival Kit for the Mind & Soul:

  1. Do something you enjoy: arts & crafts, reading, movie night.
  2. Chat/Video conference with someone you care about.
  3. Complete a meditation or exercise.
  4. Learn a new recipe.
  5. Listen to your favorite songs. Family dance party/talent show!
  6. Release negative thoughts with gratitude! 

We will get through this! Book a session for coaching on how to complete these activities and stay connected during this time of isolation.

Sending love & light,


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