Conquering the Fear of Missing Out

An introspective look at the often ignored but very impactful fear of "missing out." We explore ways that I have combated this feeling and questions to ask yourself if you feel you may be suffering from it.

Lightning. Public speaking. Failure. All of these are well known contenders for the greatest fears of man. There is one that some of us suffer from that is less known.

F.O.M.O. The one fear that affects us in both our personal and professional lives. The one fear that preys on our insecurities and also our desire for acceptance.

In my life, the fear of missing out has led to wasted money on courses, experiences, and products that have yet to yield any return in my life. It has caused me to miss what could have been pivotal moments in my life and career. Most of all, it has causes me to neglect my divine purpose.

That was, until I made the conscious decision to address why this has become a problem in my life. Why was my presence needed at some random event?

Why did I need to buy this course which had no bearing on my path to success?

Why did it matter if I contributed to a fund for something that did not speak to me?

The short answer: unresolved issues of inadequacy. Some choose to bury their problems with vices such as alcohol and drugs. In my case, I used irresponsible spending habits to fill the void.

To resolve it, I implemented several tactics to gain control of my compulsive recklessness and reclaim my destiny:

1)      Seek Reciprocity. Were the people and things I found myself investing in providing any value to me?

2)      Seek Alignment. How were the actions and people I chose to entertain contributing to my overall mission?

3)      Seek Understanding. What are the underlying implications of the decisions that I make? Does it show a lack of discipline? A lack of self worth?

How much further could you go if you reallocate that time to something that pertains to your journey?

How much further could you be if your resources were poured into things that develop you instead of diminish you?

Before cancelling that planned day of relaxation to just barely be acknowledged at some stuffy event. Before maxing out the credit card on a high ticket product that doesn’t directly tie to your business. Assess the source of your desire to indulge.

I’ll leave you with a quote from my book Destined for Greatness that helps to keep me on track in times of difficult decisions.

I Will Emphasize Vigilance Instead of Extravagance in My Lifestyle.”

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