Consistently Evaluate Your Life!!!

Consistently Evaluate Where You Are in Life!!!

What I realized is how precious life is. That time for us on earth stops or pauses for no one.
We need a heart of thankfulness at all times. To be able to recognize supernatural guidance. Through the Holy Spirit.

As we grow older, God’s wisdom, knowledge, and understanding should increase in our lives. That level of peace that surpasses all understanding should evolve.

The ability to trust Him in all things should be less cumbersome for self. The fruits of our spirit should be abundant. High yielding.

Our hearts should become more vulnerable in Him. In our willingness to love others.

Our moral character and integrity should escalate. Our love for self and others should become increasingly boundless.

Please be aware that change is unavoidable. For years, I have seen individuals who stayed with employers, in relationships, and circumstances. And am guilty of this myself.

This is why we must not remain still in certain areas. Physically immovable. Doubting God’s willingness and ability to punish sin. Even worse, being spiritually wrecked.

I have been forced out of a situation. It was a harrowing torment, and painful. Even though it was of God. Now He only has to speak to me.

Be mindful that God is a consuming fire. Always moving and encouraging us to look forward and never back. It is why the example of Lot’s wife was given early in His word. In the book of Genesis.

What became evident to me is that life is but a breath. I listened to a song on repeat. Richard Smallwood’s “My Everything”.

I am cognizant that Jesus is my life! The Holy Spirit is real.  And He, the Father and the Son are one.

Why must we evaluate our walk? It allows us to appreciate all that He has done. To be thankful and content with where we are.

He knows the plans that He has for you. To prosper you. And not to harm you. That you should always remain hopeful for your future.

So don’t worry. Don’t be anxious. Don’t look back. Set your face like flint. Strong, firm, and indestructible. Like a rock. And keep moving forward.

Always coming from a place of love!!!

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