Could You Be One of the 80,000?

Today's blog post, "Could You Be One of the 80,000?" is meant to cause you to think about opportunity in a different way because sometimes what we need is to shift our perspective and view opportunity with a different mindset. ~Sometimes we say there is no opportunity, but sometimes opportunity is staring us in the face, yet we don’t see it as an opportunity because it’s not our preference or we don’t see it as a benefit to us.~Coach Sam

Who likes waiting? Um, I think it’s safe to say no one does, and yes, I include myself. However, I do understand and except that waiting is part of life. I mean just the other day I went to Jack-n-the-Box for lunch and the clerk explained the food was coming straight off the grill.

Now, I didn’t ask her anything, but she observed I had positioned myself to grab the bag, so she politely let me know that my order wasn’t quite ready yet, to which I responded okay and waited patiently. In that case waiting was necessary because of course I didn’t want frozen fries or a half-cooked hamburger.

And speaking of food have you noticed in your favorite stores or maybe just the stores you shop at the most that the shelves in those stores seem empty? Or in fact maybe you’ve seen several shelves bare? If your answer is yes, then you my friend have noticed opportunity and it was and has been staring us all in the face.

You see we’re quick to want what we want and say we need this and that but some of us lack appreciation or disregard those who work behind the scene to simplify our life by the service they provide or the work that they do. I know that may sound offensive, but just stop and think how many people you’ve witness be rude to fast food workers or employees in restaurants.

Yet, the reality is we need them. Yes, I said that. We need them. The work that they do may be mundane and simple, but if every fast-food place or restaurant shut their doors a lot of us would be hungry people for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And when your job said lunch is 30 minutes, um let me tell you if didn’t bring something to eat, you don’t have time to go cook something.

When you’re running late and your stomach is growling you want breakfast now. Or better yet when you’ve had a long day and just don’t feel like cooking you want that restaurant, fast food place, pizza joint, or maybe even frozen section in the store to have a quick fix solution.

The moral of the story is for us to get items we want and need there are people who make it possible. And right now, we need 80,000 of them. And we need them like yesterday, okay. For those of you who have no idea what or who rather I’m talking about the answer is truckers! That’s right truckers are in extremely high demand.

That’s why shelves are empty, we have delayed shipments, and the supply chain is a crazy slowful bottleneck right now. So, I know we hear often there aren’t any jobs. But I want you to know that’s not true. Trucking may not be for you or even your ideal job, but I bet we all know of at least one person who is out of work or looking for something new.

Have you thought to mention trucking as an option or opportunity? Have you thought to post or let others know that we have an industry desperate for men and women? If not, have you considered that this industry impacts us all? We are all affected by the lack of truckers and to me I would think since this industry is critical to us as humans getting the things, we say we need and want and sometimes demand from corporations arrive promptly that we would all take action to get the word out to help others, as doing so would help us in the process.

Do you ladies have a boyfriend sitting at home or something illegal to make cash?

Do you mom or dad have a grown child who is need of a job and doesn’t want to go to college?

Did you person surfing the web or reading this blog know this was a problem, yet fail to mention it to your friends out of work or complaining about their current job?

What I’m saying here is that surely when we have 8 + billion people on Earth, there are 80, 000 available to fill these jobs.

The question is are we aware of what’s going on and if so, are we taking time to do our part to be part of the solution? Or are we sitting around fussing and complaining talking about how slow things are and what the stores and manufacturers need to get and supply for us?

You see, if we have the mindset of give me and give me right now, yet fail to see that we can and should be part of the solution we overlook the opportunity to let others who may not know about opportunity. And we fail to be a people willing to help ourselves. So, with that said today I called this situation out not as just a supply chain problem, but a human problem and I challenge you to find a way to be part of the solution because together we the people can companies struggling to find workers help solve this problem.

Translation don’t be a pouter, be a problem solver and yes, I know the pay structure is also part of the problem and on that note, I call the trucking industry to look at that and determine a way to fix it because even if people come, they won’t stay for little to no pay.

Sometimes we say there is no opportunity, but sometimes opportunity is staring us in the face, yet we don’t see it as an opportunity because it’s not our preference or we don’t see it as a benefit to us. ~Coach Sam


For additional information on the trucker shortage see the links below:

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