Create a Vision For Your Healing

My latest blog post Create a vision for your healing offers some powerful pointers to help guide you along your healing journey. Key takeaways: *Stop pointing the finger. Healing starts with YOU. *Acknowledge your wounds and take accountability for your healing. *Pursue internal wealth just as you would external wealth. *Healing takes time. Give yourself compassion and don't give up!

If you want favor with both God and man, and a reputation for good judgment and common sense, then trust the Lord completely; don’t ever trust yourself. In everything you do, put God first, and he will direct you and crown your efforts with success. Have two goals: wisdom—that is, knowing and doing right—and common sense. Don’t let them slip away, for they fill you with living energy and bring you honor and respect. They keep you safe from defeat and disaster and from stumbling off the trail. – Proverbs 3: 5-6, 21-23 (TLB)


When you face challenges, do you play the blame game? When we place all of our focus on what “he” said or “she” did, we simultaneously surrender the power we have to manifest positive outcomes in our lives.


Take accountability for your healing by redirecting your thoughts toward how you can be better for yourself and those you serve. Accountability creates resilience by placing you back into the driver’s seat of your experiences. Rather than acting on bitterness, resentment and anger, which perpetuate a cycle of pain and woundedness, filter your actions through a pure heart. Do the work necessary to manifest a vision for your healing.


Build internal wealth

Once you’ve taken accountability for your life, you can begin to generate that internal wealth of love, joy and peace. You cannot really enjoy these fruits without being healed. You can gain material things, but you won’t be able to maintain them if you are not spiritually, mentally and emotionally fit. You may appear wealthy on the outside, but who you truly are will show up and mess up what you’ve got. By sacrificing your morals and values for material gain, you will possess the emptiness of things, while lacking the security of loving relationships with yourself and others.


Continue the work

Do you want freedom? Do you want peace? Do you want love? It’s easy to yell, “YES!” from the rooftops without doing what is required to gain the freedom you desire. You can embrace or resist your journey to renewal and restoration. It’s up to you to choose your attitude.


Love yourself through your healing

Love is a practice in action, so continue to love yourself through your healing. Remember to give yourself the same empathy you offer others. Allow yourself grace as you process through your healing.


Healing is not a destination; it’s an ever-evolving process that requires continuous work. But, you don’t have to do it alone. The Life by Design Network is a sisterhood of women, just like you, who are dedicated to healing and designing lives of fulfillment, free of limitations. I hope you’ll join us and continue the conversation.


Try this activity

Vision boarding is a powerful way to practice manifestation. Try this vision board activity to declare your healing and visualize a life free and fulfilled. During this exercise, I challenge you to shift your focus from material possession toward inner wealth.


For more on this topic, check out the4 Stages of Self-Awareness. This four-week virtual course is designed to help you reclaim your power, align with your purpose and live a life you’re proud of: fearless, free and fulfilled.

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